Thursday Bucks Notes

  • A trip to Houston is next on the schedule, and Charles Gardner writes that the Yao/Yi hype is already building:

    More than 100 million Chinese fans are expected to watch the game via a national telecast on CCTV or regional telecasts on networks in Shanghai and Guangdong province, to be aired live on Saturday morning in China. Yao is from Shanghai, and Yi played the past five seasons for the Guangdong Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association.

    "Yi and Yao. I'm sure there's going to be more Chinese media there than American media," Bucks guard Charlie Bell said of the probable scene at the Toyota Center.

    Don Walker has more on the game.

  • Speaking of CCTV, is China's state television network translating Brew Hoop posts into Mandarin for us? If any of our Chinese readers can confirm or deny, that would be appreciated. In the meantime, we'll add CCTV to our list of major media outlets we've infiltrated.
  • Doug Smith of the Toronto Star offers an interesting tidbit about draft night discussions involving the Bucks and Raptors.  His description sounds a little sketchy, but I'll just go ahead and be thankful no trade was made.

    Kid’s gonna be good, maybe very good. Maybe quickly. Didn’t see too many obvious flaws in his game, although the token resistance given by the Raptors all night made it difficult to get a true read on him. Funny thing is, Toronto might have had him. There was a deal offered draft night for the No. 6 pick (it probably would have cost Toronto Jose Calderon) but the Raptors had no interest in taking back Dan Gadzuric, who had to be included in the deal.

    Imagine Bosh, Bargnani and Yi? Pretty multi-faceted.

    The idea of the Bucks trading the 6th pick for Calderon seems pretty odd, even if Gadzuric would have been part of the deal.  While Mo Williams wasn't re-signed yet and dumping Gadzuric would have opened up a lot more cap space, it still doesn't seem like there was much there. The talk at RealGM is that the Raps called, the Bucks asked for Bargnani (who they probably realized wasn't available), and that ended the discussion.  Chuck at RealGM also points out that the Bucks offered Calderon a two-year deal in 2004.

  • I'd seen this at-times-hilarious highlight video of the Glenbrook North 91/92 high school basketball team before, but today someone pointed out to me that the coach of that team was Bucks' assistant coach Brian James.  Make sure you see the part starting around the 2:00 minute mark...the dancing is quite simply fantastic.
  • The Bucks are ranked 21st in Marc Stein's latest power rankings.
  • Ty at Bucks Diary takes on some of the legal implications of trying to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee. At least in Ty's case, lawyers make good Bucks bloggers.
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