Brandon Jennings: A True NBA Enigma

So I have been reading about our new point guard.  One thing that can be said for him: he says all the right things.  He has been an elite prospect for long enough that he has learned to craft an intriguing narrative.  It is centered on his becoming a man overseas, overcoming adversity and cultural barriers all while learning a team centric version of basketball.  He talks defense and doing what is necessary to help the team win.  It all goes down smooth for Bucks fans weary of the histrionics and selfishness of past floor generals.


But how is he in real life?



The Journal Sentinel has much good to say about Jennings and he says a lot that's good to print.  If this team makes the playoffs as an eighth seed, I bet he makes a guarantee.


"I've learned it's not about money; it's about a team basketball game," Jennings said. "If you're losing, you might have a riot out there or some angry people out there. Now I have it in my head I'm just about winning and helping the team."


It sounds good.  Maybe the kid gets it.  Reading it you start to feel confident in Jennings, in the Bucks, even in yourself, for being a Bucks fan and seeing the dark times through.   But it feels like the JS' interest dropped off and they are still working off his high school resumé.  Has anyone seen this kid play?


According to some, this is Jennings' best game.  He certainly looks like a high school prospect in this setting.  He holds his own handle wise, but the only shot he looks for is his own, and it's messed up.  During the draft I think someone said it was broken.  Hopefully Bill Peterson can work another miracle.


No real conclusions can ever be made from a smattering of youtube clips, but still I'm not sure quite what I see here.  Jennings seems a lot like a shooting guard in a point's body.  He loves the perimeter, but I don't know if distributor is really in his genes.  Who knows?  Skiles might be able to teach him a few things and again Peterson has developed some of the better points in this league.  Maybe.  In any case, he'll be raw like most 19 year olds, so we should definitely re-sign Sessions.  We'll see what happens.

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