Game Thread: Bucks/Cavs

Bucks/Mavericks: hide the women and children




July 12, 2009 - 9:00 PM CT
Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas
TV: Stream

Probable starters:

Jamont Gordon
PG Brandon Jennings
Tarence Kinsey
SG Jodie Meeks
Danny Green
SF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Darnell Jackson
PF Joe Alexander
David Harrison
C Amir Johnson


  • Summer slugfest.   They're having UFC 100 here in Vegas this weekend, so it's perhaps fitting that the Bucks and Mavs slugged it out Friday night on the court.  An ugly game, but ugly basketball is better than no basketball, right?  Check out my recap, my liveblog, video highlights (above), and some Brandon Jennings audio

    Like Friday, I'll be sitting courtside and will be liveblogging the entire day's action in the comments as it happens. The Spurs and Hornets kick things off at 3 pm CT.
  • Joe and Luc. The Green/Mbah a Moute matchup could be an interesting one--both guys were versatile role players on Final Four teams (Green winning a title last year) and Green scored 16 on 7 shots in yesterday's loss to the Lakers. Meanwhile, Joe Alexander and Amir Johnson could have their hands full up front with the 6'9", 253 pound Darnell Jackson and the 7-foot, 280 pound David Harrison. 

    But as much as the Bucks might be featuring the two sophomore forwards together in Vegas, John Hammond says it's probably not be something we'll see a lot of in November.
    "I think it's purely a summer league thing.  I don't now that you would see us necessarily putting a team on the floor with those guys together getting extended minutes.  But they both can play those positions.  Luc might be a better offensive four man, just because he can do things at the four position that you need that player to do, but he's probably even better defensively at the three spot.

    "Joe on the other hand is probably better offensively at the three spot, because he can get a shot for himself and he's going to get to the free throw line.  Joe had kind of an ugly box score last night, but he missed three or four looks right near the basket.  If he finishes a few of those and goes 8/18 then his line looks a lot different, and out of those 18 shots he took maybe three bad shots.  But his ability to create shots for himself makes him an asset to us."

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