Ranking the roster

Going into the coming season, how would you rank the Bucks roster from 1 to 15 based on importance to the success of the Bucks season? 

For an added wrinkle, where would that player stand on the roster of a championship contending team?  For example, everyone knows that Redd is a #2 player making #1 money.  Some may even argue he would be # 3 on championship caliber team.

This is how I would lay it out, with first number being Bucks ranking and second being the contender ranking, with "D" standing for developmental league.  The second number will not include each number up to 15 like the first, showing the quality (or lack thereof) of the team's depth.

1/2 Michael Redd - Redd's scoring and perimeter skills needed for Bucks team that loses Jefferson and Villanuava.

2/3 Andrew Bogut - Bucks struggles on defense last year emphasize Bogut's importance inside.

3/4 Brandon Jennings - If Jennings has a great year, the Bucks playoff chances move up another level, if he doesn't Bucks crowds will be chanting for Sessions all year.

4/6 Hakim Warrick - The high flying Warrick's skills on offense need to be complemented by improved defense and rebounding in order to see those starter's minutes he wants.

5/7 Luc Mbah a Moute - Luc's abilities on defense and as a glue guy will be important in a front court that, well, lacks those qualities.

6/8 Luke Ridnour - If Jennings struggles early on, it will be up to Ridnour to run the offense.

7/9 Carlos Delfino - Delfino's versatility as a swing player, playing both shooting guard and small forward, gives the team a swing option that doesn't involve the 6'3" Bell playing small forward.

8/10 Ersan Ilyasova - Ilyasova's arrival fills the role of poor man's Charlie V., providing perimeter shooting and rebounding.

9/9 Charlie Bell - With the acquisition of Delfino and drafting of Meeks, Bell may move down into the rotation to serve the important role of backcourt stopper.

10/11 Kurt Thomas - He's got a lot of miles on his tread, but Thomas provides post defense and rebounding at power forward and center, with a center role being potentially more important if Bogut can't stay healthy.

11/14D Joe Alexander - The ability of the team's new acquisitions to play multiple positions relieves pressure on Alexander to be a big contributor this season, but being a lottery pick means he has to cut down on mental errors and show some consistency.

12-13/ 12-13 Francisco Elson/ Dan Gadzuric - Elson and Gadzuric are interchangeable in their performance and importance to the team's season.

14D/15D Roko Ukic - Ukic escapes the 15th place because of preseason doubts about Jennings' ability to take on his role as play maker this season.

15D/15D Jodie Meeks - Meeks will move out of the cellar if Redd gets hurt, providing an important perimeter presence.

What do you think?  I know this is all relative,  but I would like to hear where you think the players would stand on the Bucks or with a contender.

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