My Bucks Manifesto.

Hello Brewhoopers!

I wanted to take some time over the holidays to get to know you guys. But first and foremost, I wanted you guys to get to know a little bit more about me. My aspirational feelings on the Milwaukee Bucks. And why I feel the way I do!

My name is Amanda, I am 32, and "Yes'" I have a Milwaukee Bucks addiction.

My bf soon to be husband after 10 years  got me interested in the Bucks, In the beginning of our relationship, I was not a Bucks fan until 2001. My bf took me to the BC for a Playoff Game on OUR first date. It was something to do in Milwaukee in between the time before I would meet my bf with my girls at his job, bartending in the clubs downtown.

The city felt lively and electric that year. Since then, It was a fairly inexpensive hobby, let alone a fun atmosphere that has only got better over the years with the additions of Club Cambria,  a new scoreboard, and "Squad Six". I was instantly hooked and now, me and my bf go to games both here and abroad when we can. I am a legitimate fan.

I love the Bucks and I am just mission critical because like you, I wanna see them do well!

(Here is my BUCKS Manifesto everyone. Enjoy and discuss at least it is something new to read.)

On Michael Redd:

1. Michael Redd was one of my favorite players, he was one of the first players I actually met in person through my bf. He is a quality player, both in athleticism and in character. Respectful to fans, not ever wanting to hurry a conversation along like some pro's do that I have met And because I have actually talked with Michael Redd for like a half hour once, He makes you feel appreciated for all the" hard times" we have faced as Bucks fans. I really do not understand all the venom for Redd sometimes. Here and other boards I have visited, constant "Redd bashing" runs rampant. Young fans in denial of his attributes. Degenerates of the game do not recognize his contributions to not only the city of Milwaukee, but on and off the court! But I also understand why he has turned out to be the way he was athletically in some of your hearts. I know Redd has NOT worked out like we all had wanted because this system has changed SO many times. 

So many coaches over the years, so many different theories of how Redd should be played, Redd got confused and it stunted his growth. (Redd, for being a second round pick, was a QUALITY pick and a hard-working player to get to where he is BUT, he also FOUND his niche on how to twist Milwaukee's arm and get PAID. It's not his fault.) You gotta think about who Redd was behind when he first came into this league.(Allen, Cassell, or Robinson. ) He was the 6th man, off the bench. a ROLE player from the start who became a starter by default when the BIG 3 were broken up. Redd did the best he could for us. Redd NEVER progressed because I believe that Milwaukee does NOT know how to Develop players, Scout players, (or even Coach players until NOW.) He sat behind (3) degenerate players who were 2nd tier players at best while in Milwaukee, players who were "good" FOR THE MOST PART but because Milwaukee had NO one, they were the SUPERSTARS...he watched them CHUCK the basketball, night after night, and not play a lick of defense...he watched how not having a "winning culture" deteriorated the moral values of the team and made him go OUT for himself like he saw with Allen, Robinson, Cassell, Thomas, and Payton towards the end of their careers in Milwaukee. He had NO one on THIS TEAM for the better part of the decade to compliment him.Our draft picks have been HORRID...Noel, Markota, Gaines...So on and So on.. We watched this "Losing culture" of SELFISHNESS...rub off on the likes of Tim Thomas, Keith Van Horn, Mo' Williams,T.J. Ford, Desmond Mason, Bobby Simmons, and Andrew Bogut because he played the way he did, none of those players who were supposed "complimentary" for him ended up stunted  because he taught them what the BIG 3 and Gary Payton taught him!

Redd, I will admit he should not have received that 90 Mil contract. But were... Milwaukee. We gotta pay the Tax! "Debt Prison" sucks, That held us down for the longest, but at the time, what were we to do? Let Redd walk? He earned his payday. Some of you would wanna get paid if you put out the effort!

(Redd is irrelevant in our youth movement going forward, this I know, but, on the other hand he is like the Hulk Hogan of the Bucks, for the past decade he was the face of this franchise and you don't just exile a player that has given you good memories! I feel he should be allowed to not only make a comeback if he can, because we could actually use his shooting right now.  But let him help us get into the playoffs and just let him play out his career and retire a Buck!) I mean it's not like we have retired jersey's in the BC rafters at an amazing clip?

My thoughts on the organization as a whole:

I have been a BUCKS fan for 15 years now. I totally believe that in order to get things turned around, We have to get a new OWNER!
All of the GM's since 1985...all of the coaches...NEVER had any TRUE power! We need an owner that is in it for the MONEY, He has to have basketball knowledge, he has to have a better marketing strategy of how to sell this team for the betterment of the WISCONSIN community, NOT just the Milwaukee area. Someone with true business savvy and most of all.... he's gotta have BALLS...not only to stand up to Players, GM's, and Coaches who are flashes in the pan.

2. We NEED to "stand up" for ourselves as a CITY and as a FRANCHISE, we need to quit giving off the impression that the BUCKS are a team that will be suckered into paying top dollar for LAZY, good for NOTHING players. We need a GM (Hammond?) to hold our price on trades and make AGGRESSIVE acquisitions in MORE timely fashions! We have to make other teams respect us at the trading table and stop accepting LOW BALL offers that are DETREMENTAL to this teams future! Stop taking past their prime, career journeyman type players, and giving them quality offers that they do not deserve. (Gooden) The "Free Ride Era" HAS to END with Redd or we are going to be CONTRACTED at some point. They also need to be more honest with the fans about their assessments of the INJURED players and the status of the team...because the MILWAUKEE fans are out there...WE just desparately NEED a WINNING season or two...look how people came out of the woodwork in 2001? That's another thing...WE gotta believe in OUR team because that is why I believe the BUCKS were paid to take a dive to Philly! They figured the fans wouldn't care. Well...we DO!

3. We need BETTER Scouts, because we cant draft for squat as history has proven! Kohl or the new owner in the future needs to hire better people for us AND provide incentives to those who can evaluate QUALITY talent. Because after losing as bad as we have for years, going to the lottery as many times as we have, we should have an ALL-STAR starting 5 or be as close to some of these upstart teams in this league!

On Scott Skiles:
Scott Skiles, in my opinion, is the QUALITY coach the BUCKS need. He totally DAWGGS crappy players off most teams because he will bench them for playing like crap! We were blessed to have him come here at the time he did...a couple more weeks of indecisiveness... and we would have had another spineless, crap coach. The problem is NOT with Skiles, BUT with the PLAYERS!...They need to start EARNING their keep! and that is not just in Milwaukee ...I am talking LEAGUE-WIDE!

I hope the New CBA doesn't destroy the talent coming to the Bucks but makes them better! We as fans sat through years of bad Bucks basketball and we deserve more than just a first round early exit, more than a questionable, tainted, ECF in 2001.

The players have been running the ship for so long because we had WEAK coaches for the longest time! Skiles is changing that.
We had coaches that were complete wusses, that wouldn't stand up for our players when they were not getting the calls! Harris, Ford, Porter, Stotts, and Kristowiak NEVER got ejected for getting into an officials face and that irked me badly. Because that told our players that were on this team trying, that he was going to be a lay down! And the mutiny of that losing culture began! That "losing culture" is still in our FRONT office and we need to get rid of it NOW! But, the downside to coach Skiles is that he is a half court, defensively minded coach that lives or dies by the 3 ball. When we don't have shooters, like we did last year, I worry about the players respecting him, and Skiles wearing out his welcome like teams past.

Please SOMEONE... STEAL this about it on Milwaukee Sports radio...tell EVERYONE you know...maybe SOMEONE in the BUCKS organization will CATCH WIND OF THIS...AND absorb this knowledge and we can finally have something to look forward to OTHERWISE...Why have the BUCKS at all?

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