I have this, “PROBLEM”, I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.

    This is a long time “problem”. The first game I attended, was in 1970 or 71….. I got to see my team, led by Kareem, destroy some other team. I thought, being a Bucks fan is fun, I will have many great games and victories to remember.  I lived in Wausau, Wisconsin and tried to get down to a Bucks game, once a year. Back in those days, with no internet or 200 channel cable, it was hard to find a live feed of a Bucks game. Television and newspaper only covered the Packers. Then came C band, the BIG dish in the back yard. I was the first kid on the block and I picked up live feeds of almost all the games. A nice treat, was when they went to commercial, I had a live feed and could hear the announcers talk. I picked up a lot of interesting stuff about the teams. I was first on my block to hear about Ray Allen and Vin Baker getting into a fist fight in the lobby of a hotel, in Portland or Seattle I believe. Eventually, everything on C Band got scrambled. My C Band receiver made trips to back rooms of electronics shops and came home with screw driver marks on the outside and a smell of solder from the inside. I had my Bucks games, no matter what the cost. Next came KU Band, more screw driver marks and solder smell. And then DirecTV…. Well, I cant say what happened there, I could end up in Court. But I still had my Bucks games.

   I remember when “Sports Bars” became popular. One opened in Wausau and bragged that you could watch all the NBA games. I went down there, wearing my newest Bucks shirt. At the door, I was met by a table of drunk, Lakers fans. They demanded that I wear a grocery bag over my head and have a sticker on my back, “I AM A BUCKS FAN, KICK ME HARD”.  We had a friendly wager on the game. After the Bucks lost, I was a good sport, and bought them a pitcher of beer. They lined up and I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. The bouncers came over, to help me, I thought, but they got in the line and I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. I told the bouncers to have a beer on me, I did get the last laugh, I had spit in their pitcher of beer. That was the end of my public viewing of Bucks games.

   One day, a guy trying to sell me life insurance, told me he was a Bucks Fan. I thought sure, anything to sell a policy. But he had connections. I am ashamed to admit it, but I bought a policy. But in return, he took me to probably four or five Bucks games. He knew a person who had Bucks season tickets, right next to Senator Kohl. It was always funny when we would be sitting in these great seats and Mr. Kohl would walk in. I could see it in his face… “what are these trailer trash low lifes doing in the seats next to mine?” I wanted to say,  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.


   Bucks clothes, my first shirt was the Bucks logo and said GREEN AND GROWING…. I never understood that one. I had another one, white, that said GOOD GUYS WEAR WHITE. I remember at that time, the Pistons were good and had the BAD BOY attitude. Every time the bucks changed their uniforms, I got a new shirt.

 I have to say right here, the rack on the Bucks logo sucks. If I saw that rack during deer hunting, I would let it pass or maybe make a mercy killing. I would like to see the Bucks Logo go to a 18 pointer, 350 point Boon & Crocket. We would have to get some new cheer leaders with a little more “frontage” to show off the new logo. Speaking of cheer leaders, A Seattle radio station asked, “Why do Bucks cheer leaders wear under ware?” The answer, “To keep their ankles warm”.  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.


   My first wife hated the Bucks almost as much as she hated me. She always enjoyed getting up in the morning after a West Coast game and saying, “They lost, didn’t they? I can see it in your face.”  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.

   I almost commited suicide (stop watching Bucks games) when the Bucks traded Ray Allen for an Old Glove and The Cowboy. Where is Gary Payton now? He appears at Seahawk games and the fans go crazy. Where is Ray now? He scores 20 points a night and I go crazy.  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. I impress my new wife when we watch the other teams in the playoffs and I say, yes, that guy used to play for the Bucks…. Have you noticed, in the playoffs, there are enough former Bucks players to make a really good, competitive Bucks team?  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.


    So I have this love affair with the Bucks. I could pick another team to support, to cheer when they win 50 games. But  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.

   So, I moved to Washington State. I thought, now is the time, I will become a Sonics fan. I will love my new team. I will buy a shirt and attend a couple games a year. No more saying, I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. But as I drove the U Haul up Interstate 5, the semi with the Sonics team was heading South and East.   I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. I couldn’t live without my Bucks. I have NBA League Pass, I watch every Bucks game. I decided to go to the Bucks / Blazer game in Portland. I notice the road team always seems to have people with their jerseys sitting behind the bench (I believe the players get tickets and give them to local friends / family). I sent an email to the Bucks, I thought maybe I could get tickets from them.  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard. They never responded. I went on line to buy tickets for the December 20th game, and even though I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard, I just couldn’t justify three hundred fifty dollars for two tickets on center court. Plus, those dam Lakers fans, or their kids will be at the game and make me wear the grocery bag and sign, I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.

   So you young Bucks, mark my words, get out, while the getting is good, or spend the rest of your lives saying  I am a Bucks fan, kick me hard.

   Daveo AKA 10 inch balls

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