The Short End of the Stick, For once, the Bucks aren't getting it...


The Short End of the Stick...
  There are three premier players headed for free agency LBJ, D-Wade, & Bosh, and a some very good ones with question marks Joe Johnson, Amare, T-Mac, Yoa. But there are a number of teams with deep pockets looking to cash in.  A couple of these teams that have been banking on this free agency are going to be left aching, and hungover from being drunk on the thought of D-Wade, Joe Johnson and Amare all together on their team. 


If you ask me, The Knicks are going to get the short end of the stick. I don't know who would actually want to play for D'Antoni (besides Amare (who can really only play in his system). The guy is a chump who can't get along with his own players. He alienates them and pushes them into his horrible style of play. His system of Basketball cannot win in the playoffs. The 7-seconds-and-shoot system of play is flashy, but it does not get results.  D'Antoni was great in Europe (Where his style works) and he can succeed there, but he will be an afterthought in the NBA in a decade.

It's like the scrambling Quarterback in the NFL in the early 2000s.  Everyone thought Vick, Culpepper, and McNabb were going to transform the game...  not one of them has won a Superbowl. Neither did Kordel Stewart or Steve McNair. (Yeah Elway and Young won superbowls, but they were Quarterbacks-who-could-scramble, not scrambling quarterbacks)

The same can be said for Chicago.  Somehow Vinny "The NBA's greatest inbound passer" Del Negro has not been fired, and if they haven't fired him already, what's to say they don't hold onto him for next season.  Unless they are able to make some noise by hiring a big name coach, or getting extremely lucky in the lottery again, I don't think they are attractive enough to pull in any elite players. 

As well, who will want to play for the monumental F-Up known as The LA Clippers.  No coach, No GM, No fan loyalty, no players to truly get excited about playing with, no freaking chance. They are one of those eternally damned franchises. Their ship is sinking before it's leaving the dock. 

 Some teams, (The Nets, The Heat) will probably do great in free agency. The idea of working for an iconoclast billionaire and Jay-Z or in the case of the Heat... playing in Miami ('nuff said) will look great to Free agents.  They will probably put together a line-up with two or three all stars or fading greats, but several teams are going to be in a worse off position than they already are. And if you ask me, that's just fine news for Our Bucks, and bad news for the Bulls, Clippers, and Knicks.

 Who do you think will be the winners and losers of free agency? What if/any affect do you think this will all have on the Bucks?

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