Bucks Draft Possibilities - Part 2/3 - The 1st Round Wings

In part 2 of our look at the draft we will look at the potential wing players the Bucks could select with the 15th pick...

Xavier Henry 6'6'' 210 SG/SF - Solid shooting 2-guard who has a knack for playing within a team concept. Ability to create off the dribble in the NBA is in question but I think it will develop just fine as he is only 19 years old and could benefit from some coaching. Athleticism isn't elite but finishes well around the basket despite that. I believe he has much higher upside than he is given credit for. Gives good effort on the defensive end despite average lateral quickness. Pick Rating: 8/10, would be able to contribute immediately at the 2/3 and has a higher upside than most people believe especially when he learns to get to the rim. Another very highly regarded player out of high school would look good next to Brandon Jennings for years to come.

James Anderson 6'6'' 195 SG/SF - Anderson reminds me of a poor mans Rip Hamilton in that he is excellent at running off screens and hitting jumpers. Lets the game come to him and is extremely careful with the ball. Not elite at getting to the rim. Plays within a team concept well. Defensively, has the tools to succeed because of his height and large wingspan but hasn't shown any consistency on that end. Became a better player each year at OK State and performed well in most big games even when teams game planned against him. Pick Rating: 7.5/10, I like Anderson and think he will be an effective scorer in the NBA with the potential to become a lock down defender. His upside is good, not great.

Gordon Hayward 6'8'' 200 SF - Tweener. Played the 4 in college, projects to be a 3 in the pros. Decent ball handler. Hard-worker and physical for his size. Projects to be just an OK on defense as he makes up for slow feet with length and intensity. Surprisingly good finisher at the rim. Drastic dropoff in 3pt % from freshman to sophomore year is concerning. Should be a good shooter at some point in the pros. Only 20 so has some upside but won't ever be anything more than a servicable starter. Pick Rating: 3/10, No. We are overloaded with streaky shooting hybrid forwards and certainly do not need one with questionable defensive ability. Don't get me wrong, Hayward will probably be in somebodies rotation because he has some NBA skills(but with limited upside) but the Bucks don't need this type of player and should not draft him.

Paul George 6'8'' 210 SF - A true 3 who could play the 2 in the NBA due to his athleticism and length. Reminds me a lot of Danny Granger due to his propensity to shoot an insane amount of 3's(over 5 a game). Doesn't utilize his athletic ability to get to the rim nearly enough but should improve with coach. Poor handle which will make him turnover prone as a young player if asked to shoulder a playmaking role. Good vision and passer. Has good upside. Potential to be a lockdown defender. Pick Rating: 8.5/10, I would like to see George in a Bucks uniform as I believe he has the skills to contribute now and even more in the future. With some coaching, better shot selection, and work on his handle George can become a borderline all-star in the NBA.

Willie Warren 6'4'' 200 SG - Strong combo guard with an NBA-ready body. Takes poor shots but finishes them at a decent clip. Can create shots for himself better than nearly all players in this class. Poor defender. Ball stopper on offense. Turnover prone. Pick Rating: 4/10, Warren has some solid upside as a scorer if he can get his head on straight and learn to play within a team game; however, there are far better players to take at #15.

Avery Bradley 6'3'' 180 PG/SG - Undersized combo guard but has a decent wingspan so can play a little bigger than size. Supposedly has a great shot and shot well at the combine but his numbers in college were far less than impressive(43.2-FG%,37.5-3PT%,54.5-FT%). Very quick. Give incredible effort on the defensive end. Denies the ball and gives consistent effort. Too small to guard bigger 2's but will really be an asset guarding 1's and combo guards. Takes good shots but isn't a shot creator. Pick Rating: 5/10, Bradley is only 19 and has some upside. Has an incredibly unique skill set in that he is not your shot-chucking combo guard and that he plays good defense. Would be a good player off the bench with some upside but definitely not what the Bucks need.

Eliot Williams 6'4'' 175  SG - Unpolished guard who is a good on the ball defender. OK shooter. Very quick first step. Relied mostly on his athleticism to create shots for him and his teammates. Needs to be a betterball handler and work on most of the skill aspects of basketball. Pick Rating: 2.5/10, Too unproven of a prospect. Could develop into a solid starter due to age and athleticism but with better wings available I'll pass.

Luke Babbitt 6'9' 225 SF - Supremely good shooter. 50/40/90 guy last season. Best shooter in the last few drafts. Can hit shots off balance, has range, and utilizes a variety of shot-fakes. Not very quick and won't blow by guys off the dribble but is crafty and can get penetration because defenders have to close out on him or face the consequences. Hard worker with poor lateral quickness, similar to Hayward, on the defensive end and in the fact he is a tweener. Reminds me a lot of Keith Van Horn. Pick Rating: 6.5/10, I really like Babbitt and think he is the epitome of a smart, crafty, skilled basketball player. I can see him becoming an above average scorer and solid rebounder. A better version of Gordon Hayward IMO. His shooting is phenominal and I wouldn't mind having him on that alone. That said, we have too many guys that are tweeners and we don't need another.

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