Philly Looks Vulnerable, Let's Get Turner!

I'm increasingly convinced that the thing to do is a trade with Philly.

Evan Turner Naismith Player of the Year Candidate Video (via fantahsyking)

Every year there is a team in a position of desperation with a GM that is in over his head left ripe for the pickings, i.e. Washington this season, Minnesota with Kevin Garnett, Memphis with Pau Gasol.


Right now that team is Philadelphia. They are so desperate to unload Elton Brand's contract that they are willing to part with the second overall pick. Not only would Evan Turner turn the Bucks into a legit contender, but Brand's skillset would be welcome on a team with no legitimate power forwards. I'm sorry, what part of 15 and 7 with a block or two per 36 don't you like? He played 76 games and had a PER that was higher than the year before. He had a major injury and is coming back. If he doesn't the price of the full trade is worth it.


The best contracts in the NBA are rookie contracts for superstars. So we dump our injured former star, swapping terrible contracts and picks with Philly. Philly would do it because he would come off the books in time to make a run at Carmelo Anthony. What more could we get for Michael Redd at the deadline or with his cap space than the second overall pick? I think this needs to happen.


That 'Sota player's expression says it all.


Evan Turner is a transcendent, franchise altering player. He's innovative, tough, a strong finisher, he can create his own shot, he's a terrific rebounder for his position, he knows how to find his teammates. His weaknesses stemmed from his role as the center of everything for his team. With Jennings and Bogut both able to set him up, as well as Skiles' defensive coaching, Turner could reach his full potential. He would also alleviate the pressure to re-sign Salmons, who I believe is pricing himself out of usefulness this very moment.


Hey, he's even already been a Buck, so the trasition should go well.  I vote Evan Turner for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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