My top 3(non-Ridnour) choices for backup PG

After a long and eventful offseason for the Bucks which has seen them make a number of changes the one thing the Bucks have left to do is solidify the backup PG position while staying under the luxury tax. Given the makeup of the Bucks current roster I would like to see 4 criteria in a backup point guard. They are:

1) Solid defender

2) Can hit open jumpshots, in particular 3's

3) Won't turn the ball over

4) Can provide veteran insight and serve as a mentor of sorts to BJ

I think these are particularly important if Maggette is going to be our sixth man because he will dominate the ball most times and we need a guy to spread the floor on that 2nd unit to allow him room to operate and make opponents pay if they pack the lane.


On to my choices...


Travis Diener

Defense: Not enough data to compile an accurate defensive rating from last season but here is Hollinger's report on him. "Diener is slightly built and doesn't possess superior quickness, so his defense is a major liability. Even guards who don't normally post up seek to take him to the block, and up top he's vulnerable to just about anybody since most opponents can shoot over the top of him. One of the biggest challenges to getting him more playing time is finding somebody for him to guard." Not too good

Jumpshooting: 35.3% Career on 3's

Turnovers: ~8.5% Career TO%

Veteran Leadership: 5 year veteran


Jason Williams


Defense: Pts per 100 Poss. 106.1 103.3 +2.8

Jumpshooting: 38.0% on 3's last season

Turnovers: 10.5% TO% last season

Veteran Leadership: 11 year veteran


Chucky Atkins


Defense: Pts per 100 Poss. 111.8 113.0 -1.2

Jumpshooting: 36.4% Career on 3's

Turnovers: 11.0% TO% last season

Veteran Leadership: 11-year veteran


I would personally sign Chucky Atkins to a minimum deal as long as he doesn't seem to have dropped off physically too much from last season. He can shoot 3's, won't turn the ball over too much, plays good defense, and can teach Brandon a thing or two. If we are truly going to find someone in the bargain bin Atkins may be the best of the bunch for our team. That said... I wouldn't mind us signing one of the top overseas FA PG's as well...

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