Meet the Brock Ness Monster

Hey Bucks Fans,

I'm Akis Yerocostas, one of the editors over at the SB Nation Kings Blog Sactown Royalty, and a devout Kings fan.  I'm also responsible for Jon Brockman's nickname "the Brock Ness Monster", which I came up with in a nickname thread during the pre-season last year and Kings color commentator Jerry Reynolds picked up on it and it began to spread.

So what do you need to know about Nessie?

First off, you guys are going to love him.  He's a very personable guy, and will always take the time to talk to fans after games or over Twitter.  He plays the right way, and even though he's undersized, he's strong as an ox, and actually has decent hops:

He gives 150% all the time. There is never a moment when this guy quits.  During the Chicago game where the Kings came back from 35 points down, Brockman came in with his "Never say Die" attitude and helped will this team back, in a game that they eventually won:

So far all I've told you is from a fan's passionate response of watching this guy sacrifice himself for the betterment of the team, not how he actually plays. Lets lay down some statistics and observations there for you.

As Frank mentioned in his Brockman post, Jon is a phenomenal offensive rebounder.  If he's in the game, you'll get extra opportunities.  The problem with Jon lies in his height, as he has trouble going back up with the ball to get the easy basket over taller defenders, so he usually opts to get the ball out to his guards or someone else after he boards it, unless its an easy opportunity.  He understands his limitations, and doesn't try to do to much.

Brock almost never looks for his own offense, instead opting to try to set hard picks and look for offensive boards.  He showed some improvement on a 10-15 foot jumper last year, but never really got the opportunity to use it in game.  I've watched a lot of Kings games and I truly believe Jon can make that shot consistently if given the chance, and he'll need to, because right now teams are leaving him alone on offense (another reason why he's such a good offensive boarder, his men forget about him to their dismay).

On defense, Brock really tries, but against taller defenders, they just tend to shoot over him.  He's strong enough that he can't be backed down easily, and this even led to the Kings starting him at Center a few games last year over Spencer Hawes, but teams quickly adjusted and stopped trying to bang with him.

Brock's a very smart player, who will never stop trying to improve, never stop giving his all, even if he's on the end of the bench.  Teammates will both love and hate playing with him, mainly because they'll have to see him in practice every day and there will likely be more than a few bruises.  Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bogut and Brockman become Best Buds.  Scott Skiles is going to love having this guy on his team, so don't be surprised if he gets some minutes this year over intriguing prospects like Sanders or Gallon.

Fear the Deer? Yes, you should. Not just because of all the talent on the team now, but also because of the physically intimidating presence of the Brock Ness Monster.

Be good to him Milwaukee, and good luck on your upcoming season.


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