#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes: Sept. 26th 2010

Welcome back.  No playing around, we're getting down to business...sorta.


Brandon Jennings (Blkice3)

Andrew Bogut (AndrewMBogut)

Corey Maggette (ghostc5m)

Chris Douglas-Roberts (cdouglasroberts)

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute  (mbahamoute)

Jon Brockman (MrJonBrockman)

Larry Sanders (LarryLuv_8)

Darington Hobson (ParkaySmooth)

Carlos Delfino (cabezadelfino)

Tiny Gallon (TriggaTiny23)

Andrew Bogut's "pleasant" encounter with FanHouse's writers

We all know that Bogut isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and it appears there appears to be a contingent of fans who dislike Bogut because of this.  Well, the Thunder from Down Under (no, not Crazy Dave!) is on that track again, this time via Twitter:

Dear Nathaniel Friedman, Kiss my Ass. Many thanks, Sincerely Andrew Bogut.

The tweet has since been deleted, but its effects still linger. Friedman, also known as Bethlehem Shoals and the writer of the NBA blog Free Darko, of course had no idea what he was talking about, as did I.  Well, apparently it was in reference to this edition of FanHouse's "The Works."  Specifically:

The ad has caused some level of consternation in Australia, and for good measure, as it unnecessarily opens up a wound regarding race relations. Two black NBL legends have objected to the ad, and more in the media have taken up the cause. (For what it's worth, Andrew Bogut thinks any offense taken to the ad is "crazy crazy!!!" Of course, Mr. Bogut also apparently abhors welfare -- he argued as much on his Twitter account last week -- and once chided American NBA players for spending money on "bling bling," tattoos and their "many girlfriends." That Bogut is not sensitive to the perspective that showing a black man cuckolding a white man in an ad promoting a basketball league might be construed as racist or at least troubling, this is not surprising.)

Apparently he confused Friedman with Tom Ziller, the other writer of the column who wrote this section.  My two cents:  I don't see the ad as being racist, but then I don't know the whole history behind the criticism of the ad, so I might not be fully qualified to make a judgment here.  Otherwise, I just think of it this way: If it's something subtle like this, making a big deal of it being "racist" is only going to encourage it.

And, on a lighter note, Bogut also offered this lovely gem:

Dam fanhouse has alot of bloggers. Its like scientology, the new cool thing. Love the "love" and "hate"!

Eh, sorry Andrew, gonna gave to disagree with you there.  I like FanHouse's coverage quite a lot.  Fo realz yo.

Larry Sanders' new car (Like the emperor's new clothes, only better)

Today is a joyous day.  Yes, the first day where I actually talk about Larry Sanders! Still waiting on an official nickname...

Sanders now as a ride to call his own:


It's so.... shiny.  Yeah, that's all I got.

Luc Richard: Master chef

Yes, Mbah a Moute has returned from a long twitter absence to share with us his masterpiece.  No, not his newly refined jumpshot (knock on wood) But his new entree:


Yep, it's not too long before he's in the kitchen with Brockman making Brockness burgers...

CDR Laughs in the face of Mo, seeks worldly wisdom, and more

So we all probably know about former Buck Mo Williams' emotional problems since his BFF LeBron packed his bags for South Beach.   And now he's come out and said that he actually considered retiring because LeBron left.  Talk about extremes.  Well, CDR was amused by this. Very, very amused.

Wowww so Moe Williams said he considered RETIRING b/c LeBron left! Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahaa!




Yo, Mo Williams is like 27 & considered RETIRING!! Not due to injuries, due to hurt feelings! Ahahahahahahahahaahahhahahaahahahahaahahahahaa

I wish y'all could see me right now. I'm on the FLOOR literally crying from laughing. I can't get up! Help me!! Help meeeee! Hahahaahahaaaa!

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say he isn't a big Mo Williams fan.  It is kind of funny though that he would  consider retirement, but he has hinted that perhaps he had other personal problems going on at the time.  Yeah, it'll be fun when we play Cleveland this year regardless.

Oh, and as if we weren't already impressed with how Dooling handled himself at his press conference:

Wheels down in New York. I had an amazingly great talk w/Keyon Dooling about LIFE. So blessed to have him as a veteran as a young player.

I forget sometimes that they were teammates in NJ too, but It's great that the two already have some chemistry.

You may or may not know these names: Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Tony Parker.  What do they all have in common? Well, they're all all NBA stars.  And recently, they've all been in the news about switching teams or considering switching teams.  The catch?  They're all represented by agents from CAA, Creative Artists agency.  Can we someday add CDR to the list?

Workouts in the morning. Going to sleep. Where's my du-rag....oh & I jus wanted to say, yes yess to my agent Leon Rose! CAA! CAA! CAA! CAA!

Hm.  Well, maybe it's a double edged sword.  We want him to become a star, but if he does, he could be already out the door...

The "Ghost" Is here to stay, continues Ankle therapy

Based on a lot of his tweets, Maggette has been spending a lot of his summer in California/LA.   Well, no longer, training camp is on it's way, and you know what that means:

Bucks fans the ghost is finally here for good. No more sunshine n Cali good ole Midwest weather. Very honor to be apart of the bucks.

This gonna be a good year for the bucks play hard be humble n our achievements and never be afraid to fail but know that we can't stay down

As implied from the reports that the Bucks are going to bring Maggette along slowly, it's probably implied that Corey is still working on bringing his ankle back to full health, and he says as much:

At therapy 4ankle... Where is movie theatre out in mil Town gotta check out some flicks

And, in response to a question about whether or not he'll be ready for training camp:

@bucksgb09 naw not yet skill recovering from ankle surgery but the plan is to be ready n beginning of season.

Sounds like a plan.

Carlos Delfino adds another Tattoo, Via Palomba

In the wake of the news that Larry Sanders and Brandon Jennings have been named to Dime Magazine's "All NBA Tattoo team", Delfino apparently felt left out:


According to Palomba,  the accompanying tweet reads, "Keeping a promise with Capocha," who is the tattoo artist. 

And this?  It speaks for itself:

En Milwaukee ,Cansado despues de un laaargo viaje...MALTIDO JET LAG!!!! /@ Milwaukee,Tired after a loong trip... F**** JET LAG!!!!

Oh, and Dakota now has his Eastern and Western Conference previews up at

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