#FeartheDeer Twitter Notes: Sept. 3rd, 2010

As you may have noticed, nobody posts links to news faster than our guy Speedingtime. In fact, as a blogger I should probably be embarrassed that he's always so far ahead of me on these kinds of things. But rather than complain, I had a better idea: exploit his powers for the forces of good...well, good entertainment at least. Speedy (or Jacob as his non-blogosphere friends call him) is all over the latest happenings on Twitter, so what better way to kill offseason time than have him serve up a weekly digest of Bucks-related Twitter news? We promise not to go all US Weekly on you, but some of this stuff is too amusing not to be shared. - Frank


Carmelo Anthony demonstrating how NOT to use twitter.

Okay, I'll be honest.  I never really got the whole Twitter thing.  Really, It just seemed creepy to me. Who wants to see what you're doing every second of the day?   But then I, you know, actually LOOKED at Twitter and found out something: it's actually a good way to share information, and probably the best way to discover what is happening in real time.  If you follow things that fit your interest, you can make the most of it. 

Now, you may have just noticed that Twitter has caught fire among NBA circles just a tiny bit.  Hundreds of NBA players have started to use it.  You'd be surprised how easily you can contact some players through twitter. Sometimes, they even appreciate what you have to say.

And when it comes to the NBA and twitter, the Bucks have a large presence, including the popular #FeartheDeer hashtag, which at one point was one of the top ten most popular topics on Twitter.  So, what's the big deal?  You will see soon enough...

Every week or so, I'll be sharing some various going ons in the Bucks Twitterverse.  Frank gave me the idea and asked me if I wanted to do this, and I accepted, so I'd like to give a shoutout to him.  (On his own blog, which makes it cooler).

There probably won't be anything groundbreaking here; mostly it's just for amusement purposes and a way to see what the Bucks players are up to.  Being that this is the first week, it won't be perfect.  (And I will try my hardest to not sound like a gossip columnist).

First of all, Bucks players on twitter:

Brandon Jennings (Blkice3)

Andrew Bogut (AndrewMBogut)

Corey Maggette (ghostc5m)

Chris Douglas-Roberts (cdouglasroberts)

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute  (mbahamoute)

Jon Brockman (MrJonBrockman)

Larry Sanders (LarryLuv_8)

Darington Hobson (ParkaySmooth)

Carlos Delfino (cabezadelfino)

Tiny Gallon (WeHateTiny23)

(I will be posting these at the beginning of every article.)


Corey Maggette goes partying on a yacht, works on rehabbing his ankle, gives out worldly wisdom, etc...

I would probably wager that 50% of Corey's tweets are basically either cryptic wisdom or worldly advice.  Corey obviously has a lot of  nice things to say in that regard:

Morning everyone ..greater is he who is in than he who is in the world.. Step out in faith and glory today ghost

Let us run with patients endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us. (bible) GHOST

Sometimes we lose our but we gotta get back up again. Because it's never too late.. Toby Mac ... Ghost

(I see he's a Christian Rap fan...)

And as you can see, he's really pushing his self appointed nickname, "Ghost."

And of course there's also the other side of Corey Maggette...

Young boy james harden got it cracking at his 21st bday party on a yacht..

Crazy Kids!  I guess we'll never know whose yacht it was.  Maybe it was Latrell Sprewell's.  Or Mikhail Prokorhov's (Seriously, Wouldn't rule that one out if I were you.)

And did I mention he really likes showing off his body?  Can't find all of em, but he's changed at least 3 of his profile pics to vanity shots or him showing off his muscles.  Nothing wrong with that, but I'm sure it doesn't help his reputation. Also, him working out with Carmelo:


Has he convinced him to come to Milwaukee yet?  Oh wait...  

And now, some twitter news on the basketball side of things.  As we know, Maggette had his ankle looked at by team doctors and had minor surgeries preformed on it.  According to Corey, he's still rehabbing:

Thank God it's morning let's get moving. Another week of therapy Judy for this damn ankle but the process is going well

Obviously he's had injury problems in the past so here's to hoping he can keep it together.

Brandon Jennings makes some videos, discusses woman problems, pumps shoe line, etc

As Brick linked to in his fanshot, Brandon created, of him dancing to Lady Gaga.  A lot was made about it for whatever reason, but it was due to him losing a bet (let the speculation begin). However, that wasn't the only video he released on Twitter...


Also, Brandon seems to be having some "female problems," which even inspired a heart-to-heart with his agent, Bill Duffy.

I never really appreciate those type of things but I'm gettin older and I understand what females want. That's just ur Time!!!! 
And someone who like me for me.... Cuz I'm a lot to deal with, My mouth is crazy (pause).... Ps I'll spoiil u though
I just want a girl who gon cook, clean, wanna have a family, be at all my games, travel with me, not extra out, down 2 earth 
And if he/she hurt u just cry it all out!!!!! So you can move on or just do u!!! Me personally I just go drop 55pts and be happy. 
Best thing to be in today's life. Single!!! Unless u find that special girl. If u got a special girl put a ring on it, fast as u can!!!
Cause imma be thinking about it all the time... If u in a relationship with me I got a SMART mouth, so imma let u have it all the time 
Man I just had a great talk with my agent about Girlies.... Just telling me about finding the right one... Making sure she's independent.  via Twitterrific

(The bolded one is the best.)

Brandon also really likes plugging his shoes.  He's got a ton of pictures and tweets about 'em.  He would like you to know: Go buy them.


Brandon also received and put out some "interesting" tweets, especially with the recent events that have transpired...

S. Curry, Blake Griffin, and me. Should think about being on the same team in 3 years since everybody is teaming up. Or tryeke Evans.

I tweeted to him that he could only do it if it was on the Bucks, and he didn't respond.  Where's ESPN when you need them? IT'S A SIGN!!!!1111

Lol RT @Flexxx_Luger Tell your agent you wanna get traded to the Lakers @BLKICE3   via Twitterrific

Lol :) RT @Chiva1908 @BLKICE3 u need to play for your home town team!!!! #teamlakers  via Twitterrific

The :) and Lol are clear signs that he wants out.  We should all be deathly worried.

Darington Hobson watches tape from last year, believes Jennings and Bogut will be all-stars:

Watching bucks games from last year tryna learn the system. BJ and AB will be all stars this year watch !

Pretty Self explanatory, no?

Chris Douglas-Roberts responds to all fans personally on Facebook, criticizes LeBron without mentioning LeBron

Today I finally finished responding to every Facebook message PERSONALLY! I love y'all. I mean that when I say it. Even the pricks who hate.

Gotta love CDR.

You don't see Kobe trying to befriend opponents. Mike Jordan...Karl Malone...Magic & Bird hated each other until after their careers. Smh.

I believe he's just been added to "The List."  Is it just me, or is this Bucks team a bunch of hardworking misfits/rebels?

(And if he ever becomes a star and leaves to join two other stars we can hold this tweet against him.  Put it on record, people.)

Other Twitter notes of interest

Andrew Bogut continues is abstinence from Twitter as he continues to focus on his rehab.  I would like to hear from him every once and while to see how it's going, but I respect him a lot for doing this.

Former Bucks legendary center Primoz Brezec has created a twitter (@primozbrezec) And Dakota Schmidt (@Dakota_Schmidt, also known as TurkishThunder on the RealGm forums) was able to ask him for an interview on twitter for his Bucks podcast, the Buckscast, which Primoz accepted.  I would encourage you to go watch.  It's on iTunes under "Buckscast."

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