My early picks for amnestied players around the NBA

The new CBA contains an amnesty clause allowing teams to dump one contract, here's how I think teams might use theirs.(If they choose to do so)


Feel free to argue or banter in the usual cheerful BrewHoop manner


Atlanta-How about a mulligan on Joe Johnson

Boston-Rasheed or Jermaine O'Neill would be my guess

Charlotte-Maggette, maybe we'll resign him


Cleveland-Probably a slam dunk it's Baron Davis

Dallas-Smart money says Hayward(we interested?)

Denver-Al Harrington if anyone but I don't think they would let him go

Detroit-Ben Gordon by a nose over Charlie V.

GS-Monta??  Biedrins??

Houston-Maybe Scola or Martin if anyone


Clippers-Griffin ok reality check, kaman if anyone

Lakers-Son of the mountain man Luke Walton

Memphis-Do they take advantage of the chance by dumping Gay?

Heat-Could they dump Bosh?   Or will it be Mike Miller?  Or no one

Bucks-I think we stand pat unless we can find a your junk is better than my junk scenario

Wolves-Brad Miller's corpse(is that how it goes)would be the obvious choice but hey it's Kahn right.

Nets-If it's not Travis Outlaw someone needs their head examined.

Hornets-With 6 players under contract they may not use it , Okafur if they do would be my guess 

Knicks-Don't see them using it unless they need to free up Billups contract to sign someone

Thunder-Depends how they feel about Perkins, they may hold this for a bit

Orlando-Bet they voted hard for this rule...........Bye agent 0

Philly-You would think Brand \

Phoenix-Maybe another chance to change last years mistake, how about Childress


Sac-Town-Please don't tell me we will resign Salmons

San Antonio-Parker or Jefferson, I'll vote Parker

Toronto-Will BC own up and cut ties with Bargs......I doubt it, maybe Calderon

Utah-Tough call here, Jefferson or Harris maybe or they let it slide another year.


Ok forgot the Wiz-How could they not dump Rashard Lewis

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