Fun With Words: What the Bucks' comments about Jimmer Fredette really mean

So let me see if I can lay out the possible implications of the broad statement that we are saying forecloses the possibility of drafting Jimmer Fredette...

First, the quote from Bucks assistant GM Jeff Weltman on Tuesday:

“We tell (agents), ‘If your kid doesn’t come in to visit, we can’t pick him,’” Weltman said. “‘So just know, I know you think he’s going to be gone before us, but if he does that to us, he’s going to get past us.’”

Possible Implication #1: Anyone who has not worked out for the Bucks will not be drafted by the Bucks. This would leave us with just Tristan Thompson, the Morris twins, Burks, Brooks, Jordan Hamilton and Klay Thompson. Obviously Irving, Kanter, Knight, Williams, Walker, and the Euro guys haven’t worked out for the Bucks, but they can’t possibly have a policy of no workout, no draft pick, right? If one of those guys slipped they would take him without question, right? So as far as I am concerned the statement can’t be taken literally.

Possible Implication #2: They won’t draft players who specifically turn down their workout invitations. This one seems a bit more likely, because it would mean they could still draft everyone except Kanter and Jimmer (as far as we know). But even so, it would mean that the Bucks are willing to drop players on their draft board on the basis of not performing a mostly meaningless workout. Are they really in a position to knock talented players who placed themselves high on the draft board based on their large body of competitive work on the basis of declining a private workout that should mean close to nothing in the evaluation? This is at least a possible implication, but I still wonder if they really would alter their draft board based on something so unrelated to on-court performance.

Possible Implication #3: They are just blowing smoke and would take anyone who is highly rated on their draft board regardless of this quote. This would mean they scout players, rate players, put them on the board, and trust their scouting and evaluation enough to take the top graded talent remaining. For a team that hasn’t been truly successful for a decade, I would hope they don’t just take guys off the draft board to send a message to agents. I think this is also a strong possiblity.

Possible Implication #4: This is the most diplomatic way to say they aren’t interested in Jimmer. This might also be true, and if he didn’t rate highly on their board or in their evaluations I guess this would be acceptable. However, in the same interview they say they would not shy away from taking a PG, and Jimmer is one of the top PG prospects in the draft and projected in their range. Even if they didn’t want Jimmer, why not at least feign interest to enhance the value of the pick and maybe try to force the Jazz (or any other interested team) to move up…or even to obscure who the Bucks really want at #10 to keep other teams interested in the same player from jumping them for the desired guy.

I don’t know, am I missing anything? If the quote has any meaning at all, it has to be one of these possibilities, right? I generally think it is unnecessary and dumb for a team to go out of their way to say they won’t take a certain guy, simply because the possibility of taking ANYONE left on the board has value in itself for trades or keeping teams unaware of the guy you really want. Might not be significant, but it can't hurt.


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