NBA Draft 2011: Milwaukee Bucks draft reactions, grades and a zing

Hollinger: Three-way deal could be worst of the season by Kings - ESPN
We have to start any discussion, reaction, or judgement of the Bucks' draft with this trade, because it was a far bigger deal than either pick. As discussed last night, there is something to be said for the organization's willingness to undergo such a massive overhaul--really as soon as possible--following what was a failed experiment last season. The Bucks got back more productive players who will cost less money. That's a success on paper, but the real test remains (and always has been) how coach Scott Skiles utilizes those players. Still, the Bucks, as an organization, are almost certainly in a better place now than they were two days ago.

In case you missed them, here are our quick takes on the Bucks draft choices from last night:

Tobias Harris - 19th overall selection - F, Tennessee
Jon Leuer - 40th overall selection - PF, Wisconsin

Bucks say they're pleased with Leuer selection - JSOnline
Bucks general manager John Hammond said it was pretty much a no-brainer when the University of Wisconsin's Jon Leuer was still available to them with the 40th overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft.

Darius Morris reaches back to college to zing Tobias Harris - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Shots fired! Shot fired! Los Angeles Lakers' selection Darius Morris, of Michigan, had this to say about Bucks first-round pick Tobias Harris:

"[Crossing paths with Harris] was a little crazy, because I ended his career and he's about to start a new one,"

Well, Bucks fans, we got ourselves a villain! Let me fire the first return salvo by highlighting Morris' 4-12 shooting performance in the game that knocked Tennessee out of the NCAA Tournament (and ignoring his 9 assists and 6 rebounds...) and pointing out that OUR MAN TOBIAS DROPPED 19 ON Y'ALL. YOUR MOVE SON. WASSUP.

After the jump, grades and analysis from around the interwebz.

2011 NBA draft results: Draft grades - ESPN (Insider Only)
Chad Ford runs down his draft grades for every team. Read the full profile if you have ESPN Insider, otherwise know this: HE GAVE US A B+

2011 NBA Draft Team Grades - >> Grade: B+

The Bucks cleared cap space and moved down and still managed to snag Harris. It creates a bit of a problem with Carlos Delfino but it's still great talent for where they landed, especially since they added Stephen Jackson.

NBA Draft grades for all 30 teams (yes, we know it is too early) | ProBasketballTalk >> Grade: B+

Their real move was the big trade that brings them Stephen Jackson and Beno Udrih — which saves them about $10 million (with the difference in draft pick salaries) and gives them a guy who can create his own shot. Like they expected John Salmons to last season.

NBA Draft Grades 2011: Bucks Try To Clear Decks Just A Bit, Pick Up Tobias Harris -
The Bucks earned at "C" from Tom Ziller for improving the team on the court and in the books, and adding a "so-called lottery talent" in Tobias Harris at 19. What gives with the low grade, you ask? Well, the biggest improvements are still seen as coming on the defensive end. The success of the big trade will invariably revolve around whether Stephen Jackson, who is known to be a good defender, can excel as a top option on offense too.

A couple late-adds on the draft grade front:

Ball Don’t Lie’s 2011 NBA Draft grades - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Kelly Dwyer looks at the Bucks' draft selections largely independent of the big trade, and comes away...satisfied. Harris is a popular guy among those who are expected to know things about him, but he's obviously not the most exciting pick. Leuer will make for many happy fans, but Dwyer calls him "camp fodder." I WILL FIGHT THIS LABEL TO MY DYING BREATH.

2011 NBA Draft Grades | NBA Draft Insider
The Bucks earn praise for dumping bad contracts, picking up guys who can help the team immediately, and selecting an "undervalued talent" in Tobias Harris. Leuer is a fan favorite with good potential. 

Jimmer Fredette, John Salmons And A Couple Steals: Are The Kings Better? - Sactown Royalty
Ziller takes a look at the big trade from the Kings' perspective. Summary: he ain't thrilled.

SI: Posts Kings (so far) lose out in three-team trade
Zach Lowe at Sports Illustrated sees the Bucks and Bobs as the obvious winners of this deal.

The Bucks would have made the playoffs last season had they been healthy. They look like a sure bet to get there now, and with Andrew Bogut manning a fierce defense, they will be an annoying out for anyone.

Can Stephen Jackson help save the Bucks offense? | Bucksketball
Jeremy considers the impact the big Stephen Jackson trade will have on Milwaukee's offense, gets some good quotes from coach Skiles, and does a little to dispel the "Stephen's pissed!" idea that had many of us worried.

Just who is Milwaukee Bucks first round pick Tobias Harris? | Bucksketball
Jeremy also takes a look at first-round pick Tobias Harris.

Brief thoughts on Tobias Harris " Courtside Analyst
Ty takes a brief number-focused look at Tobias Harris and echoes the question, "...what is he?" My guess is he's a SF.

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