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Over the last week or so there have been a lot of posts about tanking, re-tooling or whatever you want to call it as most feel this edition of the Milwaukee Bucks is middle-of the-pack as a best case scenario. I have been quite vocal about my feelings that Andrew Bogut should be the first buck to go because of the following reasons:

1. He could fetch the most in a trade due to the position he plays, his defensive abilities, and his contract

2. His game is in decline, small sample size but every advanced stat is down this year with the exception of drb%, ast% and stl%

3. We need more scoring down low, at the moment, he is not providing that.

I realize that everyone doesn't feel the same way that I do(wouldn't be much to discuss if we had the same opinions)but after the jump I have listed all other NBA teams, my thoughts on their interest in Bogut, and what players on their respective rosters that I might be interested in. This is all predicated on a 2 team trade, there may be other possibilities adding more teams into the mix, but that's impossible to explore.

Here goes:

Atlanta: Horford for Bogut has been talked about, upside is that it could be a really short term tank, downside is that if Horford doesn't come back well from the injury, you're screwed unless your draft pick is really good. Josh Smith...I'll pass

Boston: I think Boston would be able to take one last kick at the can with Bogut, but unfortunately, they have no assets that I really want. JaJuan Johnson might turn into a player but really need another team here to facilitate this one.

Charlotte: Mutually unbeneficial,

Chicago: I don't want Noah, would need a 3rd team. Might be interested in Asik

Cleveland: Interested in Hollins? Didn't think so, unless it's picks, let's move on, tbh i don't think the Cavs would be interested anyway unless they think they can create more interest by taking a serious run at the playoffs.

Dallas: The Mavs only make a deal if you're taking Haywood back and Hammond isn't that dumb is he? Mahinmi is the only player of interest for me.

Denver: Again not beneficial to either team with Denver having Nene.

Detroit: Can't see anything happening with the Pistons, they're happy with Monroe.

GS: They have expressed interest in Dwight(unrequited), so would Bogut fit beside Lee? I like Klay Thompson and................

Houston: I could see interest on our side, Jordan Hill, Patterson (my preference between the two), Courtney Lee and picks. Not sure if houston's interested unless you take back Dalembert though. As long as Thabeet or Flynn weren't part of it, I'd explore something here.

Indiana: Bogut>Hibbert? IDK right now but don't think the Pacers would be interested. George and Hibbert for Bogut....that would be a trade

Clippers: Don't see anything here, I don't want Jordan(not with that contract anyway)

Lakers: Bynum? Gasol? their pick? Mavs pick? tpe? Meh I'll pass

Memphis: Nothing will happen here with Gasol on board, not sure there's anyone I want anyway..maybe Mayo

Miami: Of course they would love Bogut but can't get it done w/o trading one of the big 3. Bogut and Sova for Bosh? Done......

Minnesota: Derrick, Darko and a pick Love, Bogut and Beasley front-court..........

New Jersey: Would Deron Williams be okay with Bogut? Lopez, Morrow, Petro, they have Houston's pick....nah let's move on.

New Orleans: Aminu? Henry? Gordon? Picks....Can't see the NBA okaying anything where the Hornets take back Bogut, they could be a 3rd team though.

New York: Nothing doing here

Oklahoma City: Can't see anything happening here, i wouldn't mind Ibaka as part of a deal though.

Orlando: Obviously this has been mentioned and I could see something happening in a multi-team deal but not straight up. Nothing on their roster makes me go...yeah I want him on the Bucks (other than Dwight but let's be realistic). Their pick might be good post trade though.

Philadelphia: Not really high on this one but Turner, Hawes and their pick for Bogut and Delfino? You would have Bird rights on Hawes and if Turner blossomed? Philly might be beast with this deal though. Never mind Hawes can't be traded I guess and I don't really want a tpe

Phoenix: Would have to be three team IMO, Nash goes somewhere, Phoenix gets Bogut and we get..........

Portland Wes matthews would be the only guy on their roster I would want so I don't see a trade there.

Sacramento: I like Jason Thompson but nothing else on their rosters excites me, they don't have a first either.

San Antonio: I like Splitter, Blair, Green, Neal, Leonard but the Spurs would need to lose more cap space than those guys could provide

Toronto: Bargs and TOs pick for Bogut? Tough call on our side but BC would have to be lynched if he made that deal.

Utah: Still like Burks, depends if you would want to take Favors back, I don't think the Jazz would want Bogut but they could be a 3rd team. They traded their own pick but have GS's top 7 protected.

Washington: I can't see anything happening with the Wiz......although Crawford and Seraphin might be good additions and Washingtons 2012 pick obvious.

By looking at all the scenarios I think if Bogut gets traded it will be a multi-team deal, probably involving DWill or Dwight Howard, I just can't see a team-team trade that makes sense for all parties.

Some feel we should keep Bogut and trade BJ, and likely BJ's trade value is at its highest in the last couple years so that might make sense or keep both of them and ride this team for better or worse. I might agree with that if i thought Udrih, Gooden or Jax had any trade value but i fear that's likely not the case.

Feel free to comment, roast or discuss in the usual BrewHoop manner.

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