Possible Bucks Trades

Canada Bucks just put up a post discussing the possibility of trading Andrew Bogut, and that got me thinking that maybe a move should be made. I started using NBA trade machine, and I'm hooked. So I went ahead and devised some trades that I think make sense for all teams involved, and thanks to the trade machine the salaries all fit to make the deals financially possible.


This one I actually put in a comment on Canada's post, and got a few replies. Most seemed to like the trade, but were a bit concerned about Lopez's foot, and wanted draft picks to go along with it (Hint: late addition).

It's a 3-team deal, in which Bogut is dealt, as well as superstar centerpiece Dwight Howard. See the trade after the jump...

Bucks get: Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, NJ '14 1st rd pick

We’re replacing Bogues with Brook, who is currently younger and put up 20 and 6 last season. He's currently nursing a foot injury, but I'm not too worried about his long term health if his foot checks out OK. Keep in mind he didn't miss a single game in his first 3 seasons in the NBA. We're losing Delfino, but get Morrow for compensation, he’s younger and is a true SG who can shoot.

Magic Get: Andrew Bogut, Mehmet Okur, Marshon Brooks, NJ '12 1st rd pick

They still have a really good center in the middle, plus a promising rookie (Brooks). James has a small contract and some upside. Okur is just an expiring contract that makes the deal work. Plus a 1st rd pick for them, in what many consider one of the strongest drafts in recent memory.

Nets Get: Dwight Howard, Carlos Delfino, Chris Duhon

They get their guy: Dwight Howard. He and Williams provide a duo of stars, and this ensures they will both resign long-term. Delfino is a good wing who can shoot and help them out, but he will be a Free Agent this offseason. Duhon is a contract (3 more years 3 mi/yr) that they had to take on from the Magic, whom likely were eager to get rid of it.


Would Brook make a good Buck?


This one involves Bogut once again, but in this case, he doesn't have to relocate all that far from home.

It's just a 2-team trade, between us and the T-Wolves.

Bucks Get: Darko Milicic, Wes Johnson, Anthony Randolph

The main course of the Bucks' in-haul in Wes Johnson, the young former Top 5 pick Wing player. Randolph is also a good young player at PF who really came on late last season, and Milicic is a decent center with good shot blocking ability.

Timberwolves Get: Andrew Bogut, Carlos Delfino

The Wolves get an upgrade at Center over Milicic, and now have a superb front court with Love and Bogut. Meanwhile, Delfino provides an experienced wing on a team with arguably TOO much youth.


This trade is all about the Warriors getting Dwight, and the Bucks and Magic restructuring their rosters and picking up draft picks.

A 3-team deal, Bucks, Warriors, Magic.

Bucks Get: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Ekpe Udoh (PF), GS '12 2nd rd pick

It's a Jennings-Curry swap to head the deal, which is debatable considering Curry's recurring ankle injuries, but he's undoubtedly a great player when on the floor. Rookie Klay Thompson and his shooting stroke make their way East, as well as a young, promising PF in Udoh.

Warriors Get: Dwight Howard, Brandon Jennings, Drew Gooden

The Warriors get a franchise centerpiece in Dwight Howard, and also receive a young promising point guard in Jennings, whom is better than Curry for the short-term considering he's been healthy. Gooden is a contract the Bucks were glad to get rid of, but Gooden isn't all that bad and can play both PF and C.

Magic Get: Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Ersan Ilyasova, GS '12 1st rd pick

The Magic wisely traded Howard knowing he would bolt in free agency, and in the process pick up a valuable Center in Biedrins, along with a 25 ppg scorer in Ellis. Ilyasova is a good stretch 4, but he will be a free agent this summer. They also pick up a 1st round pick, and two selections in the 2nd round.


Could Jennings be on the move? Kobe apparently needs someone to dish him the ball, Fisher simply won't do.

Another 3-team deal, the Jazz being the 3rd team linking the Bucks to the Lakers.

Bucks Get: Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, LAL '12 1st rd pick, UTAH 2nd rd pick

Devin Harris returns home to Wisconsin, where he brings his 15-ppg 8-apg with him. Favors is a young promising big, a former #3 pick with size and toughness, and a developing offensive game. Hayward doesn't appear like he will ever live up to being a Top 10 pick, but he's still young and at the least is a good shooter and rebounding guard. The 1st rd pick is a bonus that makes the deal more attractive, but keep in mind it will be a selection in the late 20s, not the lottery.


This deal would bring Harris back to Wisconsin, where he attended college.

Lakers Get: Brandon Jennings, Paul Millsap, Drew Gooden

The Lakers sacrifice a bit of their future (two 1sts, two 2nds) through draft picks, but they finally get a good PG to play with Kobe. Not to mention Millsap is a good and undervalued PF. Gooden is a contract the Bucks wanted off their hands and the Lakers had to take it with the deal.

Jazz Get: Pau Gasol, Beno Udrih, Ersan Ilyasova, Devin Ebanks, LAL '14 1st rd pick, LAL two 2nd rd picks

The Jazz want more of an impact offensive player than Millsap, and Gasol is just that. He's locked up for 3 more seasons, so the hope would be Alec Burks improves, so Burks, Gasol, and Jefferson provide a "Big 3". Udrih is a fill in PG with starting talent because Harris is leaving. Ilyasova is a rental unless he's resigned, Ebanks is a young forward with considerable upside, and the picks included make the deal better.


Here's a fairly simple trade, involving only 3 players and one draft pick.

It's 2-team deal between Milwaukee and the Griz.

Bucks Get: O.J. Mayo

A SG with natural scoring ability should be attractive to a team that is offensively challenged on all nights that Jennings doesn't play well. Mayo could be a 20-pt per night scorer if he got out of the Grizzlies' crowded backcourt.

Grizzlies Get: Jon Leuer, Carlos Delfino, 1st rd pick ('12 top 14 protected, '13 top 10 protected, '14 top 8 protected, '15 unprotected)

Mayo gets out of that crowded backcout in which his scoring ability was undervalued. Meanwhile, the Griz get a good-looking rookie that provides front line depth, and a expiring contract in Delfino, as well as a protected 1st round pick from the Bucks.


OJ Mayo could be a Buck. I'm on board.

Thanks for reading, ideas for trades are completely welcome in the comments, I love to discuss. And vote in the poll as well.

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