Ersan Ilyasova: James Franco or Josh Hartnett (Part 2)

Over a week ago, I was allowed to run riot in the Bucks locker room and at practices and so I took it upon myself to use that time wisely by asking stupid questions, one of which I mentioned before:

Ersan Ilyasova - does he look more like Franco or Hartnett?

The good people of BrewHoop voted with the results showing that 51% of you think Ers looks more like James Franco, 25% of you think Josh Hartnett is the answer and 22% think it's a little of both (I don't know where the missing 2% is).

So how does that compare to what some of the Milwaukee Bucks players think?

Shaun Livingston: (Laughs) "I'mma go Josh Hartnett. I think they've got the same nose. That's the guy who plays in that movie 'O'. I don't know if I know who James Franco who is..."

Jon Brockman: (Laughs) "I don't know...I know..who? Frank? I don't even know who that is." (I suggest that in the absence of not knowing James Franco, by default, Hartnett must be his choice) "Ah, that's the only one I know."

Jon Leuer: (Laughs) "He looks kind of a cross between them. I think more James Franco."

Tobias Harris: (Smiles) "I think both" (I ask if that makes him the result of a Franco-Hartnett lovechild) "I guess so..."

Mike Dunleavy Jr: "James Franco." When I asked him what made him edge towards Camp Franco he said that I only gave him two choices. Very astute observation Mr Mike.

Andrew Bogut: "Josh who? He looks like Zangief from Streetfighter II. (Brock is sitting inbetween Bogut and an empty Ilyasova locker as Bogut points towards Ers' area. I think Bogut is pointing at Brock and saying he looks like Zangief, to which I agree) "You think Brock looks like Zangief?!" (Laughs) "I would say Ers, Ukranian/Russian - looks like Zangief. I gotta be nice, I can't say who he looks like."

And finally, the survey would not be complete without getting the view of the subject...

Ersan Ilyasova: (transcribed as he said it) "I never really following the Hollywood star and stuff. Mostly because I'm European and the thing is, my wife is Russian so there's a real kind of russian language and stuff and all kinds of movie. I'm more like a show guy,"

"Maybe if I got my nose fixed."

So there you have it, the Bucks locker room is split on who Ilyasova looks like: 28% Franco, 28% Hartnett, 14% Franco-Hartnett creation, 14% Zangief, 14% "I'm more like a show guy". (Anyone find that extra 2% for me?)

I guess the question now is: Does Jon Brockman look like Zangief from Streetfighter II?





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