Milwaukee's Curator of Cool

April 13, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings (3) against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Being of German descent, my hairstyle choices are limited unless I want to avoid putting a lot of effort into it. I could go the "Jersey Shore" route and spike the hell out of it, but any resemblance to someone known as "The Situation" is too much for my tastes. I did get a Brooklyn fade once, by accident, because I didn't hear my barber ask the question and I nodded without knowing what he said. That was a fun fortnight.

All in all, though, my hairstyle is boring. NBA players, who have the luxury of being cooler, are usually far from boring. Even players on the Milwaukee Bucks have raised eyebrows with their cuts from the shoulders. Jon Brockman made up for his vanilla top with some impressive beardwork, Andrew Bogut grew out a Jedi ponytail, and Drew Gooden's "duck tail" is so famous, it's a customization option in NBA 2k12.

But no player in recent memory has had as many variations as Brandon Jennings. Young, flashy, and not afraid to flaunt a style that is very much his own, we've seen a number of do's from Young Buck. The one up top is the base model, but join me after the jump for some variety.

Any discussion of experimental hair styles has to start where all experimental hair styles come from: high school. And Brandon Jennings, as a McDonald's High School All-American, broke onto the national scene with the Kid-n-Play high top fade. Not quite as high as the original, but it still makes the 6'1" point guard look 6'3". I only wish he kept it going during his season in Italy so that by the time he got drafted, he measured the same height as Hasheem Thabeet.

But Brandon wouldn't be Brandon if he was consistent. No, his hairstyle changed on a seemingly week-to-week basis, punctuated by close buzz cuts every other month to reset the canvas. We were treated to a few decent styles, though, from the faux-hawk, to the short dreads, to the twisties, and of course, the Gumby.

The Gumby was a special cut, because it was so cheesy. Brandon loved it, though, even recording the "unveiling" of the finished product:


But again, Brandon wouldn't be Brandon if he was consistent. While some of these are interesting, most of these cuts weren't as off-the-wall as you would expect from the same kid who YouTube'd himself dancing to Lady Gaga. Leave it to Brandon to come up with something unexpected.

I'm not sure what to call this one, so let's dive into the backstory. Back in March of 2010, the Bucks hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers. With their playoff seed locked in, the Cavs sat LeBron James, who was free to notice Brandon's new look. With steps buzzed in the side and a bright red streak down the middle, it's not like Jennings was shying away from attention. And attention he received, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

"Let the rooster shoot," James crowed when Milwaukee Bucks rookie guard Brandon Jennings, sporting a tinge of red in his new haircut, got the ball. (via)

I suppose "the Rooster" an appropriate description, though Jennings had the last laugh that night, dropping 25 points in a 92-85 victory over Cleveland.

So what else can we expect from Jennings? A full-on Dr. J afro? Or follow his idol and get some A.I.-style cornrows? How about a perm? Nothing is out of the question when you're Brandon Jennings.

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