The Canada Bucks Big Board 2012

On Steve's latest draft board we were talking a bit about Big boards and I know Dan is going to do one for all of BrewHoop to vote on but I wanted to do my own anyway. Just in case you are not sure what a big board is, it shows how a team would draft in any position provided that the players were picked as they chose them. Due to the inticasies of the lottery selection there are certain spots that the Bucks cannot get but as there may be trades and to preserve the integrity of my board, I will select 1-15.

Huge Disclaimer-Despite the way I talk I am far from an expert in these kind of things. This is based on reading articles, watching tape and personal opinion. I will grant that I have certain biases, likes and dislikes that are most certainly reflected in this list

Ok here we go:

1. Anthony Davis-Ok really, is there any other choice?

2. Andre Drummond-Big men are hard to find right(Remember the Bogutorium in your comments)he's got tools so he's not a project even though there are some red flags. To me the second no-brainer in a row.

3..Bradley Beal-Stretch you think? Thing is I'm not really huge on either MKG or Robinson and maybe Beal is going to be the second coming of Jesus....Shuttleworth that is.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- As mentioned above I am really not that high on MKG and if I'm here with the board the way I have it I am looking for a trade partner.

5. Harrison Barnes- Not huge on this guy either but he might be a dominant scorer at the next level. If he's the second coming of Glen Rice you could do a lot worse at 5.

6. Thomas Robinson -Obviously I'm not that impressed with him either, again looking to trade down

7. Austin Rivers- Think he's going to be an elite scorer in the NBA with NBA range and a killer first step

8. Jeremy Lamb-Reggie Miller 2.0? A few red flags though, drop in 3pt % from Fr-So. being one of them.

9. Terrence Ross-I know....huge reach but he's the player I want and I would be calling anyone looking to trade up, maybe Houston 14&16? Good all round game and good stroke especially from deep although his form looks strange to me

10. Quincy Miller-Same as above, the guy can flat out score, has amazing size and athleticism.(some injury concerns her though, would have to see him at the combines

11. Tyler Zeller-Offensively should be ok in the NBA jsut worried about his D though. compares him to P.J. Brown? I wish, I loved that guy.

12. Terrence Jones-Good skill set jsut have to be worried about where he can play, can he be a PF? Does he have enough range to play 3? Would probably be a good fit in an up-tempo team like ours though.

13. Kendall Marshall-lack of shooting might be a worry although his passing skills are unparalleled in this draft class.

14. Dion Waiters-I'm sure everyone has heard the D. Wade similarity comments(That's D. Wade the guard not the free safety). Could he be a bench scoring spark right off the bat?

15. Arnett Moultrie-I like this guy early but some character concerns have me worried. He's got a post game but complacency is another red flag. Another guy that would fit in with up-tempo style and might fit in well with Udoh.

11. Tyler Zeller-

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