Full 1st Round Draft (+ Analysis Of Bucks Selection)

Here's a Full 1st Round Mock for the 2012 Draft, as the pre-draft workouts begin. I'm combining my personal feelings on player as well as what the experts say. I tried to make sure it wasn't too dry, with a few surprise picks here and there, plus some nice formatting (those team logos really beautify the appearance, don't they?).

I went much deeper into depth for the Bucks and their pick, because, well, this is a Milwaukee Bucks blog.

1 New Orleans- Anthony Davis PF Kentucky

6'11" 220 lbs.

No matter what anyone tells you, Davis is a lock for this selection. Too much natural ability and potential.

2 Charlotte- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF Kentucky

6'7" 225 lbs.

With Biyombo and Mullens, plus nightmares of Kwame Brown, don't expect Drummond here. Gilchrist isn't a go-to scorer at this point, but he's a big contributor in every aspect of the game. He offers great finishing ability (usually fast break situations) and some spot-up 3's, and just needs to refine the in-between game.

3 Washington- Jeremy Lamb SG UConn

6'5" 190 lbs.

The Wiz have a log-jam of young players at both forward positions, and Nene at Center (with young backups). Either they trade out of the pick or grab a backcourt partner for Wall. Lamb is a true SG with a full skillset and elite length and athleticism, plus collegiate production. I could see Lamb and Wall being a 45-PPG backcourt down the road.

4 Cleveland- Andre Drummond C UConn

6'11" 265 lbs.

Drummond is an amazing pure Center prospect. The Cavs see Dwight Howard-esque potential (yes, it's there, Dan Gilbert isn't delusional this time) and take him to be a centerpiece in the rebuilding process, which is coming along fairly quick so far.

5 Sacramento- Harrison Barnes SF UNC

6'8" 220 lbs.

The Kings should look at any and every position here, but Barnes offers the most value, and he could be starting as a rookie.

6 Portland- Thomas Robinson PF Kansas

(From Brooklyn)

6'9" 240 lbs.

The Trailblazer pretty much pick up the best player available here. Robinson is a good fit with their roster as well. Aldridge plays a lot of Center leaving space for Robinson to slide into the lineup/rotation early on.

7 Golden State- Perry Jones III PF Baylor

6'11" 230 lbs.

Jones can give the front court some young athleticism and perhaps an elite scorer a few years from now.

8 Toronto- Bradley Beal G Florida

6'4" 205 lbs.

Calderon should be gone in free agency, leaving PG up for grabs for Beal as a rookie. His more natural positon is SG, however, and could still be a starter/heavy contributor if Calderon is resigned.

9 Detroit- Royce White F Iowa St.

6'8" 260 lbs.

The second surprise of the draft. Somebody is going to brush aside the anxiety disorder/lack of shooting ability and take White. He's a poor-man's LeBron in a way, he's a PF-size SF who handles and passes the ball like a PG, and is excellent at getting to the rim and finishing.

10 New Orleans- Tyler Zeller PF/C UNC

(From Minnesota via L.A. Clippers)

7' 245 lbs.

If Zeller is here, than he should be the pick. Kaman and Landry likely both gone, Zeller can play both "Big" positions. He's one of the draft's safer picks in my opinion.

11. Portland- Kendall Marshall PG UNC

6'4" 195 lbs.

Expect Felton to bolt in free agency, leaving just Nolan Smith and Jonny Flynn. The Blazers address that by taking Marshall, who likely is the NBA's next 10+ APG man.

12. Milwaukee Bucks- Terrence Ross G/F Washington

6'7" 195 lbs.

The Bucks have two undersized scorers in Jennings and Ellis. They have expressed a want to get bigger and longer at every position, and Ross can help with that. He has only average length for his height, but he's 6'6"/6'7" which is good size for a SG.

His height and weight (after he adds muscle and gets around 210-215) should really help him around the rim and on mid-range shots. He won't be a dynamic slasher or playmaker but Ross will be able to score in a variety of ways, even if mostly on 3-pointers and mid-range jumpers.

His size also will allow him to do a much better job of guarding NBA wings than Ellis. Ross will be able to match up height and weight-wise, while Ellis at 6'3" 185 is outmatched greatly in both aspects.

Selecting Ross makes sense whether or not Ellis is moved, but if Ross is the pick I wouldn't expect Ellis to with the Bucks past next season.

Highlight video:

Plus a quick blurb from a scouting report from Draft Express:

Looking forward, Ross has taken as big a step forward as almost any player in the country this season, and clearly has a slew of attractive assets from an NBA perspective. His combination of physical tools, defense, perimeter shooting, and ability to attack the rim off the ball give him good potential as a very high-end role player, and he still has room to grow. Continuing to improve his ball-handling and continuing to add strength to his frame would help his stock, which is something he could show in pre-draft workout matchups, where his makeup as a player and commitment to defense could allow him to shine.

13. Phoenix Suns- Dion Waiters G Syracuse

6'4" 215 lbs.

The Suns entire backcourt is old or leaving, they pretty much should take the best available guard here. A tough call between Waiters and Rivers.

14. Houston Rockets- Jared Sullinger PF/C Ohio St.

6'10" 270 lbs.

The Rockets really should look for a young Center prospect with one of their two picks. Sullinger will need to shed a few more pounds and improve his athleticism to play either PF or C in this league.

15. Philadelphia 76ers- Terrence Jones PF Kentucky

6'9" 250 lbs.

The 76ers don't really have a distinct weak-spot or need (besides a star), but Brand is old and Jones is one of the best players on the board.

16. Houston (via New York Knicks)- Damian Lillard PG Weber St

6'2" 190 lbs.

Lowry, their starter at Point, has expressed wanting to be traded, leaving the starting spot wide open. Whether or not he's moved, Lillard can back him up and likely play alongside Lowry for short spurts (like a Jennings-Ellis backcourt).

17. Dallas Mavericks- Moe Harkless SF St. John's

6'8" 210 lbs.

The Mavs are pretty old at SF and can get a young athlete with devloping skills in Harkless.

18. Minnesota (via Utah Jazz)- Austin Rivers G Duke

6'4" 200 lbs.

Ricky Rubio needs a backcourt partner of the future, which is the only remaining hole on the Wolves' roster.

19. Orlando Magic- Arnett Moultrie PF/C

6'11" 230 lbs.

Moultrie brings great athleticism and length to the table here, and with Anderson possibly on his way out, their is room for his services here.

20. Denver Nuggets- Tony Wroten G Washington

6'6" 205 lbs.

Wroten isn't really NBA ready, but the Nuggets are a piece or two away from title contention still. He has a ridiculous ceiling for someone drafted this low, but he needs to be coached up and develop a jumpshot.

21. Boston Celtics- Meyers Leonard C Illinois

7' 245 lbs.

Leonard is a 7-footer who brings nice balance, athleticism, and touch. The issue is he isn't great in any aspect as a Big Man, and isn't very strong yet. The C's likely will look to Free Agency/Garnett for a starter to keep Leonard in the background while he develops.

22. Boston (via L.A. Clippers)- Evan Fournier G/F France

6'7" 220 lbs.

The Celtics go fishing overseas and get Fournier. He's not known as great athlete but he has good guard skills and an all-around game.

23. Atlanta Hawks- John Henson PF/C UNC

6'11" 220 lbs.

Henson's concerns about adding weight and his extreme inconsistencies on offense cause him to drop. The Hawks should take him if he's here, though, as his length and defense can be very valuable in a rotation.

24. Cleveland (via L.A. Lakers)- Quincy Miller SF Baylor

6'9" 210 lbs.

Miller looks like he could make a smooth transition to a true Small Forward, but his skills and stringy body will have to develop some before he can get on the court.

25. Memphis Grizzlies- Jared Cunningham SG Oregon St.

6'4" 195 lbs.

Cunnningham is a surprising early-entrant, but it could be worth it if he's a 1st round pick. O.J. Mayo will cost too much and Tony Allen isn't a scorer. Cunningham can provide quick scoring sparks off the bench early in his career.

26. Indiana Pacers- Fab Melo C Syracuse

7' 255 lbs.

Expect them to retain Hibbert, but Melo could be great as a backup Center to Hibbert.

27. Miami Heat- Orlando Johnson SG UC-SB

6'5" 220 lbs.

Common perception is that the Heat need a Center, which is true, but athleticism and scoring off the bench is almost non-existent with Battier, Miller, and James Jones. Johnson has good all-around scoring abillty and a 6'11" wingspan to his advantage.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Andrew Nicholson PF St. Bonaventure

6'9" 220 lbs.

The Thunder won't have any immediate needs when Maynor comes back as the backup PG, but Collison and Mohamed are 31 and 34 so a young Big Man prospect makes sense.

29. Chicago Bulls- Doron Lamb G Kentucky

6'4" 200 lbs.

Lamb is versatile enough to play either guard position, and with Rose out for most of the season Lamb will need to play both spots. Lamb could be required to play a lot PG if Watson can't improve his awful 37% shooting and the Bulls don't sign a guard.

30. Golden State (via San Antonio Spurs)- Will Barton G/F

6'6" 175 lbs.

Barton has great length and athleticism for his position. He's a stringy guy, however, and realistically needs 20-25 lbs in the NBA.

Thanks for reading.

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