Running Summer League Observations

Okay, maybe I'm the only diehard Bucks fan who laps up every minute of summer league action. I couldn't find any give and take on the forum so I figured I'd troll for some takers here.

I've seen a ton of hoops the past few days, mostly the Orlando summer league. The big show, Vegas, started this afternoon. The Bucks don't start til Monday vs New Orleans. Still I've gotten to see many of the prospects we Bucks fans have been discussing for the past month as once potential Bucks draft picks.

There have been some really impressive debuts for the incoming rookies. Terrance Ross SG/SF of Toronto looked like a young star in his first game. He showed effortless three point range and tremendous athleticism. He finished with 21 points. I know many of the regulars on brewhoop had a serious hope in Ross ending up a Buck. The other SG most discussed going to Milwaukee was Jeremy Lamb. Lamb also had a more than solid showing in his first game. He also nailed the 3 ball and converted several slashes to the hoop. Lamb finished with 16 points on 6/11 shooting. He looked good enough for me to worry that Milwaukee might have screwed it up again by not sticking at 12 and selecting him.

The real shocker was Donatas Motijunas, the 7 foot lithuanian center who was drafted in last years first round. Wow, he looked like a good version of Andres Beidriens, you know one with pure 3 point range. He showed great instincts, toughness, and confidence on his way to 25 points. My main man Royce White had a pretty quiet effort, a few nice passes and one dunk but he really got outplayed by his teamate Terrance Jones. Jones was another favorite of many brewhoop posters. Jones looked really solid, he played under control and really showed a good all around game. He converted inside from the post, showed he can handle the ball well,got to the foul line and even knocked down a three for good measure. He finished just shy of a double double going for 17 and 9.

Another player that really wowed me was PG Tyshaun Taylor. He really looked explosive all week attacking the paint. He certainly looked like a future starter in the league in the mold of other PG's like Jrue Holliday, Darren Collison and Eric Bledsoe. Taylor's game seems made for the current NBA and he has the size and jumping ability to not only get into the paint but finish.

One more huge surprise, a player that I laughed at and dreaded being taken by the Bucks, Miles Plumlee, he can really play. He looked more athletic than he did at Duke and knocked down a ton of open mid range jumpers. He is going to be a solid NBA player for a long time. Larry Legend might know what he is doing after all.

My other main man, second year SG Marshon Brooks rallied today after a few stinkers earlier this week. Brooks, shucked and jived his way to a 34 point outburst today showcasing his natural ability to find ways to put the ball through the hoop.

Honorable mentions go out to SG Kim English of Detroit, he showed he is a knock down 3 point shooter ala Jodie Meeks. His teamate big man Andre Drummond, the 9th overall pick also showed enough to make some of the teams that passed on him in the draft a little bit nervous. Another 2nd rounder who I give some props to is SG Orlando Johnson of the Pacers. The rook didn't shoot the ball very well percentage wise but did show extreme aggression all week in attacking the paint. He has better handles than I thought and should turn into a pretty good player.

SG John Jenkins of Atlanta, showcased why many believed he was the best shooter in the draft going for 19 points and hitting 4/5 3 point shots. I guess now that I've gushed about just about every player its time to call out some guys who didn't exactly show out so far. SF/PF Marcus Morris didn't show me much for being in his second year, I guess I'm starting to throw in with some of the others on brewhoop who don't believe in tweeners. Morris dropped in 7 points on 3/7 shooting in 28 minutes. Not earth shattering digits for the 2011 1st round pick.

Former Kentucky big man Daniel Orton also didn't show any development at all and is likely running out of chances.

Not a good start for SF Moe Harkless of the Sixers as he had a quiet debut and then injured himself.

The LA Lakers should be a little embarassed, they have the worst summer league team I've ever seen this year, its really bad. I feel bad for Darius Johnson Odom but maybe at least he'll get a ton of minutes.

I couldn't find Jon Leuer, he wasn't sitting on the bench for Houston or playing, not sure whats up with him, maybe injured, I don't know. The other former badger PG Jordan Taylor made his debut for the Atlanta Hawks. Taylor came off the bench and had a quiet but solid outing, going for 7 points in 17 minutes.

On another note, if I'm a Golden State fan, I gotta be a little excited for the upcoming season. Rookie and 7th overall pick Harrison Barnes looks like the real deal at either SG or SF and last years first round pick Klay Thompson also is making strides clearly. You combine those two with Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut in the post you got some serious floor spacers. If they can all stay healthy GS will be a fun team to watch! Which brings a question to you Bucks fans, if you were a rookie GM starting out would you rather have Milwaukee's roster or Golden States?

Alright, feel free to comment, I'm going to watch the final game of the day shortly, a big matchup between Charlotte and Sacramento, or should I say the number 2 overall pick Michael kidd-Gilchrest versus the number 5 overall pick

Charlotte put a pounding on poor Sacramento. Just about everybody on the Bobcats looked good. Gilchrest showed why he was the smart pick for the cats at number 2. He did a little of everything and did it with efficiency. Thomas Robinson looked smaller to me than I remembered him at Kansas. He was bringing the ball up court and moving around like a SF which was impressive. That being said he is clearly going to be undersized trying to finish in the paint, he was bothered several times by Bismack Biyambo and BJ Mullens while trying to convert inside. In T-Robinson's defense though he didn't seem to be getting much help from his inept teammates. His effort level was high though and you could see his competitive nature. I was not impressed with "The Jimmer", he should be working on his driving game and instead just jacked up bricks from long range all game. The biggest surprise of this game was the great game of SF Jeffrey Taylor. The announcers pretty much had him in the hall of fame after one quarter. He did knock down a few long 3's and crushed a monster dunk. He looks like a great bargain pick for the first pick of the 2nd round and the kind of guy who will have a long, solid NBA career.

Saturday schedule has 4 games on NBA TV from Vegas. Still waiting for somebody to tell me what happened to Jon Leuer

My feelings are growing even stronger that maybe the Bucks should have just stayed at pick 12 and taken SG Jeremy Lamb. I'm not sure why he slipped but he can flat out shoot the ball and has a lighting quick release. I know I'll get hammered for this but he reminded me of Ray Allen watching him last night coming off screens and firing. I know its just summer league but you can't tell me that Bradley Beal is any better a prospect than Lamb. They went head to head last night and both guys looked good but Lamb was really impressive. He showed his athleticism with hounding man to man defense. If you didn't know anything about the draft and were asked which guy was picked number 3 and which guy was picked number 12 during last nights game. Lamb would have been chosen as the guy who was the top 3 pick. Lets pray that John Hensen isn't a stooge. But I still am convinced that getting J.Lamb at pick 12 was a gift from above.

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