My Letter to Herb Kohl

Note: This was sent to the office of Senator Herb Kohl, under the subject header of Animal Rights. If you know a more proper way to reach the Senator, I'd love to find out. I figure there's about a five percent chance he reads it, though I'm probably just being optimistic.

Dear Sir, I am a lifelong citizen of the fine state of Wisconsin, but I am writing to you as part of a different constituency; diehard Milwaukee Bucks fans. I'm not sure the best way to reach your office, so I've chosen this channel. I hope that you read this and don't find my means of communication disrespectful to your office. I believe that it is of the utmost importance that you extend John Hammond, Scott Skiles and Brandon Jennings.

John and Scott have done a terrific job of stabilizing the franchise, financially and talent wise. I believe that next year we are going to field one of the best Bucks squads in years, with plenty of room for growth in the future. Brandon Jennings has been a crucial part of our renaissance. This summer is key to the future. Right now Scott Skiles and John Hammond are lame ducks. Surely as a politician you know the potential damage and impotence of a lame duck season. Hammond is as shrewd and intelligent as they come in this business. He will be desired elsewhere after this season. Skiles is one of the top five coaches in Bucks history. He is irreplaceable in today's market. After a decade of misfortune and futility alleviated by the briefest glimmers of hope, we are about to turn a corner towards greatness. We should re-commit to those who directed us to the light.

As for Brandon Jennings, he is the superstar we have been waiting for. His progress from his rookie year has been astounding and a joy to watch. I believe that it is time to show our appreciation for his growth with an extension. It makes sense to do so now before the market establishes a price for us. We acted swiftly and decisively with Ersan, we should be as prompt with Brandon. Were we to wait until he blossoms into an All-Star, which may be as soon as next year, he will command a much higher price tag than you might be comfortable with. This is a point guard's league nowadays, after all.

I could go on for hours about the Milwaukee Bucks, such is my devotion, but I believe I have stated what I need to. For the sake of the franchise which you own, for Bucks fans and for the future of professional basketball in Wisconsin I hope that you extend our coach, general manager and star. Thank you for your time and, of course, go Bucks!


Sylvan Z

Brookfield, WI

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