Behind Enemy Lines: What Wizards Fans Had To Say

Here's what Wiz fans were saying about the Bucks during today's game. All quotes from Bullets Forever's thread:

On Expectations:

The bucks are a team we'll Be fighting for for the 8th seed

I think they'll be higher than 8th

With Jennings and Ellis.

Don't see them any higher than 6th

And that only because I Orlando is likely in he lottery

They're always trying to fight for the 8th seed

They’re the epitome of mediocre.

We have depth

Beyond their backcourt, nobody really stands out as a match up problem. They have a defensive mindset tho which is a credit to their staff

On that depth: I'd be happy with Duhon.


I’d actually like Duhon on the team

On Doron Lamb:

Doron lamb was a damn steal


He should have gone end of the first or very early 2nd, not 42

Has "Shammond Williams Memorial Summer League-Only All-Star" Written all over him.

Sorry, smallish unathletic guards who can’t create their own shots usually end up in the D-League. Best-case scenario, he’s Jodie Meeks.

Which is still a steal at 42, considering most of them are out of the league after

A year or two

On Tobias Harris:

Harris absolutely destroying Singleton

And he was taken one pick later

Tobias Harris had a nasty slam early in the fourth. Brandon Jennings is probably going to have a lot of fun throwing lobs to him and Larry Sanders this season. (From the recap)

On John Henson:

John Henson Looks very aggressive.

Always thought he could be a VERY poor man’s KG because of his ability to defend the perimeter and post. He’s so impactful on defense. Offensively, if he can just nail the 18 foot consistently, he can be a very good NBA player.

the VERY poor man's Anthony Davis

The homeless man's Andray Blatch

No, he actually plays hard.

Something Blatche knows nothing about.

On the Bucks Scrappiness:

No offensive cohesion. We're just being flat-out outplayed on both ends.

And that about wraps it up. Mostly the Wiz fans just talked about how great Beal was and how they should cut the rest of the team; Blatche, Vesely, Mack, Singleton, you name him they'd cut him. I was honestly surprised at how short the thread and recap were. I guess that a major internal scandal involving weapons and four years of tanking with little to show for it (.283 win percentage over last four years, 2009 No Picks, 2010 1. John Wall, 2011 6. Jan Vesely, 2012 3. Beal) can deflate a fanbase.

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