Aaron Rodgers has big plans for the Bucks WHEN HE OWNS THEM

Jonathan Daniel

Aaron Rodgers said on his radio show Tuesday that he'd like to own a professional sports franchise. WHY NOT THE BUCKS?

Following yesterday's announcement by Herb Kohl that we was exploring options for expanding ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks, speculation has already begun as to who could join him as a part-owner of the team. The ideal candidate would seem to be a popular, wealthy individual with strong ties to Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin as a whole. Perhaps one with some experience in professional sports?


Speaking with ESPN Packers reporter Jason Wilde on his weekly radio show (Bucks talk starts around 39:20), Rodgers was asked if he would ever be interested in owning part of a professional sports franchise. You know, something to do with that new $110 million deal. Like, say, the Bucks? He would! Wilde asked Rodgers (partly in jest) if Kohl had contacted him, to which Rodgers replied, "No, he hasn't...not yet."

And we can probably guess what would happen next. Rodgers may not have any stake in the team just yet, but he already has a plan for remaking them after his eventual takeover. First of course will be commanding Wisconsin voters to put tax dollars behind a new multi-purposed facility in downtown Milwaukee--heck, if Aaron Rodgers can't make that happen, no one can. And as far as the roster goes, let's just say he's not afraid to break the mold; he isn't falling for all this new-age basketball-of-the-future stuff. Bucks fans who have spent the past two decades worried about Herb Kohl's meddling in basketball decision-making can take heart: there's about to be a new QB/minority owner/personnel director/basketball visionary in town:

Everybody says three-pointers are all the rage, but Rodgers knows the mid-range game will never die. To that end, his first acquisition is clear: Drew Gooden. Gooden would pair nicely with "incredible mid-range shooter" Caron Butler (already on hand!) and the return of Jason Kapono. Co-Head Coaches Juwan Howard and Vlade Divac would lead the team to glory with Sam Dalembert and Chris Kaman rounding out the big man rotation. And because teams supposedly need player with guard skills, he'll just go grab Kyle Korver and Ray Allen for good measure.

So we're talking about a starting lineup that looks like this:

PG (Puny Guy) - Ray Allen
SG (Shooting Guy) - Kyle Korver
SF (Super Forward) - Caron Butler
PF (Point Forward) - Drew Gooden
C (Champion) - Chris Kaman


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