Brandon's Future with the Bucks

After watching the Bucks upset Houston for their second straight road victory I had a few thoughts I wanted to share,

Ellis is playing like a man on a mission and hopefully it's not to get out of Brew town. The Bucks should do everything they can to retain him for the next few years and just play him at the point. (More on this in a minute)

JJ Reddick is a breath of fresh air and even though on trade day the crew over at am1250 compared him to Dunleavy, he is younger and plays with tons more energy, except for being white and shooting three's I believe the comparison ends there. a welcome addition from what I've seen so far.

Larry Sanders is a FREAKIN' BEAST PERIOD! The block he had on Harden and then subsequent tip in on the other end simply put, "gave us the chance to win" and he's been doing it ALL YEAR! If he doesn't get most improved player this year there should be an investigation.

Ersan: The greatest foreign player Since Dražen Petrović. (nuff said)

And lastly Brandon Jennings; It drove me crazy when I read his statements after Skiles was Fired / Quit, complaining about the Bucks not giving him respect and calling him to let him know personally. Then after firing his agent he is reportedly going to ask the Bucks for "The Maximum" on his deal (14.5 million). He blamed not making the All-Star game on playing in Milwaukee. Most of the time when he is hot and playing good in the 4th quarter he falls apart. And then tonight against the Rockets he holds the ball 'til there's less than 2 seconds on the clock! throwing a bail out pass to Ellis who drains it. (And we all breathed a sigh of relief.)

So here's how I think the organization should play it.

Sign Ellis to a multiple year deal.

Sign Reddick. (For at least one more year)

Sign Free Agent Josh Smith to a multiple year deal. (Hopefully Squad 6 errrrrr Sector 7 will welcome him in)

Wait until Brandon gets an offer and then match, sign, and trade him somewhere that overpriced, egotistical, cry baby point guards are appreciated. And when he doesen't make the All-Star game again next year, We can just read about it and have a good laugh.

What say you?

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