One Year Later

Everyone on BrewHoop probably remembers March 14, 2012

I am sure Steve does


We all had opinions on the deal last year, I'd say it was close to 50/50, maybe a few more on the "like" side and as I mentioned in one of the first threads, you really need to make your decision when the trade is made and not look back in hindsight. So now is the time for hindsight.

The Trade-Milwaukee sends Stephen Jackson and Andrew Bogut to Golden State for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown.

The Comments

  1. Never Trade Big for small
  2. Andrew Bogut is a Top 3 centre when healthy
  3. Should have waited until the off-season
Other Possible Bogut Deals
  1. Evidently Curry and Brown for Bogut was in play
  2. A deal with Houston likely including Luis Scola
Trade Analysis
The Bucks traded Bogut at the best possible time, in hindsight trading for Curry instead would have been better, but then you still have Jackson and really trading Bogut for Curry made no sense at the deadline as Curry was injured as well and the Bucks were pushing for the playoffs. If there was a deal with Houston that didn't include Scola(say Dalembert, Martin, Lee for Jax and Bogut)that imo would have been better as that team likely makes the playoffs last year and it would give our backcourt some needed size.
Ellis has not been great for the Bucks, barely even good for portions of his time here, although the last 2-3 weeks(he evidently had a sit-down with Herb)Monta has been money. Udoh is still a mystery to me, I want to like him but I just can't, I don't know what it is. Kwame Brown gave us the cap room to sign Ersan so that helped out as well.
From GSW's point of view in terms of talent this trade has been a disaster. You could argue that without the trade they don't get Barnes but there were certainly other ways to dipose of Ellis and Udoh. As well they quickly dumped Jax for RJ which means another 11m in salary next year, the compensation for that was draft pick Festus Ezeli who may or may not pan out.
Grade a Year Later
Gave it a B at the tim of the deal and I still stick with that. My view of the deal was made with the thought that Bogut wasn't going to be the same player likely ever again, and so far that has been true. There's still time for ANdrew I guess but I don't think there's any other conclusion than the Bucks won this trade handily.

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