Canada Bucks Mock Draft v1.0

Ok, the draft order is set, we are ready to mock the 2013 draft. I'll do picks 1-20 and may edit depending on things that unfold before the actual draft on June 27th.

The Cavaliers once again rise to the first pick in the draft, but unlike the last two times as Quick Draw McGraw might say, There's some thinnin' to do round here. There is no clear cut order here but here is what I think might happen with some comments.

1. Cleveland-Nerlens Noel-I really think Cleveland would rather take someone else(Porter)but could use the inside presence of Noel more. Also helps drive the 2014 tank so this is the way they go imho.

2. Orlando-Trey Burke-Struggled with this one for a bit but I can't see them picking someone else, think Noel would be the best for them but PG is definitely a PON(position of need I'll use this again)

3. Washington-Otto Porter-Biggest no-brainer so far, Georgetown kid, play the biggest PON. Only trouble is the Wiz have no one to score other than their backcourt and have little to trade.

4. Charlotte-Ben McLemore-They get their choice of 2 guards here, wouldn't be surprised with Olipado either but I think scoring wins over D.

5. Phoenix-Victor Olipado-Debated on Bennett for a minute but think Victor fills a PON and gives them some D. Sarver will be making more changes, hey Robert, need a flashy PG to go with Olipado?

6. New Orleans Pelicans-Cody Zeller-Bennett should be taken here but I'm guessing they go Zeller, kind of makes sense.

7. Sacramento Kings-C.J. McCollum-makes sense to me even though I'd love him to fall to 15.

8. Detroit Pistons-Shabazz Muhammed-Think Detroit would prefer McCollum but takes some scoring with Bazz.

9. Minnesota T-Wolves-Alex Len- Not really who they want but no choice really

10. Portland Trailblazers-Steven Adams-Looking at my countryman Bennett who has tumbled down to 10 but they go big with Steven Adams

11. Philadelphia 76ers-Anthony Bennett-They run up to the mike and grab Bennett before anyone yells mulligan, a great pick for the Sixers

12. Oklahoma Thunder-Kelly Olynyk-Back-to-back Canucks, Kelly Olynyk helps out with some front-court scoring.

13. Dallas Mavericks-Miles Plumlee-I know some think Schroeder but I pick Plumlee here, just a gut feel.

14. Utah Jazz-Dennis Schroeder-Ricky Dennis Schroeder, no ifs, ands or buts

15. Milwaukee Bucks-Kentavious Caldwell-Pope-Coin flip between KCP and Sergei Karasev, Pope wins out

16. Boston Celtics-Michael Carter-Williams-Can't resist Michael Carter-Williams, they'll shop Rondo in the summer.

17. Atlanta Hawks-Rudy Gobert-just because they have two picks.

18. Atlanta Hawks-Gorgui Dieng- no more Al Horford at C.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers-Sergei Karasev-fits perfectly here, their D will still blow but they can fill it.

20. Chicago Bulls-Jamaal Franklin-forms the most athletic NBA backcourt with Rose(presuming Rose plays next year)

Well that's it for my 2013 Mock Draft, feel free to leave any comments, I am sure we are not all in agreement. I think there will be some trades this year, just didn't want to make a mock with trades(I can see Minny trading out for sure) Don't think Bennett falls to 11 either tbh, just the way it played out

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