If We Need To Win Now

Buck 2013-2014 team salary…

Call me crazy but...

IF cap is $69.65 million ( AND roster as of May 4, 2013(not including pending free agents – save Ellis, who I believe will opt in or resign for about 10-11 million)

G- Monta Ellis


F- Ersan Ilyasova


F- Gustavo Ayon


G- Ishmael Smith


F- John Henson




F- Ekpe Udoh




F- Drew Gooden


Plus potential first and second round picks(# ‘s 15 and 45)

This leaves 2013-14 salary at $42,055,522. That leaves $26,944,478 in cap room.

With 2 guards and 6 forwards, our needs are SG , SF, and PF – preferably a strong inside offensive presence.

Depth chart pre-free agency

PG – Ellis – Smith

SG - ? -?


PF- Ersan – Henson – Udoh


Proposal :

(List of free agents )

(Drew Gooden amnestied, frees another $ 6,687,400)

Trade Illyasova for 1st round pick. (Potentially with Washington, Houston, or Atlanta)

This leaves about 40 million in cap room.

Sign Josh Smith to a max contract. (About 4 years and 75 million)

This leaves about 21.25 million to fill 7 more spots. We still need to add 2 SGs, a SF, and a backup point guard. 3 of those spots will be used by draft picks. With that 21.25 million, we COULD target another max player or try to fill the spots with depth.

IF Andre Iguodala opts out, we could make him a max offer. (4 years and 75 million) Would he want to play with Ellis, Smith, and SANDERS? I would. That leaves us about 2.5 million left for the last 6 spots.

Draft Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. (Starting SG)

Draft Dennis Schroeder. (Backup PG)

Draft James Southerland. (SF who can shoot the 3).

Resign Mike Dunleavy. (I believe we have his bird rights?)

Post draft and free agency depth chart

Ellis – Schroeder- Smith

Caldwell-Pope - ? (Note: Iggy could also play SG)

Iggy – Dunleavy – Southerland

Smith – Henson - Udoh


Sign a backup SG and 2 other league minimum bench players, and you have a contender in the East. This could be a very good defensive team with the right coach. I fully understand how unlikely this is, but this is the best win-now scenario that I could think of.

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