Monday's Workout to feature Wolters and Green



Milwaukee Bucks

Monday will resume a week of workouts for the Milwaukee Bucks as the draft draws near. The workout starts with the return of Mike Bruesewitz from our very own Wisconsin Badgers, Erick Green from Virginia Tech, Joffrey Lauvergne from France, Alex Oriakhi from Missouri, Alexandre Paranhos from Brazil, and Nate Wolters from South Dakota State. This is quite an interesting group of guys, but it seems like most of these players are 2nd Round to Undrafted prospects.

Bruesewitz is an interesting add to the workouts, and seems like more of a defensive tool for the Bucks to assess other players talent, rather than an actual prospect. A solid defender and rebounder in school, Bruesewitz is most likely to be an undrafted prospect, who could make it on in the D-League for a bit, much like Joe Krabbenhoft did. He seems better suited for Euroleague ball.

Green was the sensational scorer from Virginia Tech, that last year lead the NCAA in scoring at 25 ppg. While he was a prolific scorer he also spread the sugar at a solid rate of about 3.8. While not a prototypical point guard, and concerns about his size (6'3, 180), he could provide a team with a good punch off the bench and ultimately become a solid rotation player. If his passing skills develop and he learns to play under more control, he could be a fringe starter/6 man off the bench that could provide good scoring and quickness off the bench.

Joffrey Lauvergne was talked about as being a possible draft pick in the 2012 draft, but decided to withdraw at the last minute. While he has solid size, he has a case of the alligator arms, which ultimately may effect his ultimate value in the NBA. Draftexpress says his best case scenario is Vlad Radmanovic and worst case is Zarko Cabarkapa. This suggests he has good scoring instincts, but very poor defensive skills. You tell me if thats any good because Vlad Radmanovic had a pretty bland career to me.

Alex Oriakhi had an interesting career. Starting his career at UConn, he transfered to Missouri his senior year because UConn's post season ban. He had an up and down career, showing great potential to be a post player, but for the most part not living up to it. He shows a great ability to defend in the post with his very good size, but it seems like in the NBA he will be outmatched by bigger players, or more athletic ones. Actually a similar player to me is Jeff Adrien from UConn. While Oriakhi is not as small, he lacks the same explosiveness Adrien does, but has the potential to be a back of the bench towel waver (DJ Mbenga anyone?).

The most interesting of all the players here is Alexandre Paranhos. He trained with Leandro Barbosa, a fellow Brazilian, to get him ready for the pros. Actually he wrote a letter to Henry Abbott of ESPN to explain the prospect which is quite interesting. While still very raw Paranhos, he shows the body of an NBA player already. Although he could tone up more, he has great size and athleticism. Barbosa goes on to call him the Brazilian Lebron James. Whether that is a good comparison or not is debatable. What stands out most is his three point shooting. One game he made six three pointers. Seems like a solid draft and stash second round pick, that you could either never hear from our could be a solid player for your team in 3-4 years.

The final participant is Nate Wolters. From Jackrabbits fame, Wolters is known for his do everything ability, leading the team in scoring, assists, and steals, and second in rebounds. He has great instincts for the position, and also has a great scorers mentality, which is shown in his 53 pt game against IPFW, which was the most in 2012. While he seems to be able to do alittle of everything, he seems nothing more than a solid backup/scorer from the bench. While he has great instincts and size, he lacks the overall athleticism and quickness to get his shot off clean in the NBA. He seems destined to be Jimmer Fredette Jr.

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