NBA Draft 2013: Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #15


One last pick to go before the NBA Draft tonight. Who's the best of the rest?

The 14th spot on the Brew Hoop Draft Board goes to Dennis Schröder, PG, Braunschweig (Germany). Schröder is one of the more heavily-scouted European players in recent years, fitting because he also might be one of the best. With good size (6'2", 6-7 wingspan) and speed for the point guard position, Schröder's physical profile puts him alongside many of the top PGs in the NBA and should help him hold up on defense. He's a very good ball handler and a creative playmaker. He's not a great scorer himself, though, struggling in transition and sporting a pretty poor pull-up jumper. That's easier to deal with if he's creating a lot of opportunities for teammates, and he does have an impressive understanding of pick-and-roll basketball considering his young age and Euro background. Schröder apparently struggled defensively in a few of his workouts, but he's still riding a big hype wave from the Nike Hoops Summit, where he looked at times like the best player in attendance.

The Brew Hoop Big Board
1. Ben McLemore - SG, Kansas
2. Otto Porter - SF, Georgetown
3. Victor Oladipo - SG, Indiana
4. Trey Burke - PG, Michigan
5. Nerlens Noel - C, Kentucky
6. Anthony Bennett - PF, UNLV
7. Alex Len - C, Maryland
8. Michael Carter-Williams - PG, Syracuse
9. CJ McCollum - G, Lehigh
10. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - SG, Georgia
11. Shabazz Muhammad - SF, UCLA
12. Cody Zeller - PF/C, Indiana
13. Jamaal Franklin - SG, San Diego State
14. Dennis Schröder - PG, International

Pick the player YOU would like the Bucks to select, assuming they were drafting at each position. That means you can take everything into account: need, fit, floors, ceilings, window treatments, the whole Shabazz shebang.

If the guy you want isn't listed, pick "Write-In" and leave your vote in the comments. Please make your vote clear--something like "My vote for Pick #1 is THIS GUY". This is the final poll, and will close at 6:00 CST, at which point our complete Big Board will be posted in tonight's open draft thread.

Looking for scouting reports on all the top prospects? SB Nation has you covered.

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