2013-2014 Eastern Conference Projections

It may be a bit early, as witnessed last summer big deals can be done in August(see: Bynum, Andrew)that might affect the balance of power, but as it stands right now how does the East stack up?

Here's my view on it, predicting 1-15 with guesstimate record.

1. Images_medium


Miami is still the team to beat in the East, but it's getting closer. Losing Miller may hurt a bit and who knows how long Wade can hold up.


2. Pacers-logo2_medium


Having Granger back and adding Scola are huge to the Pacers depth. I am kind of drinking their Kool-Aid and think they might be in the Finals this year.


3. Brooklyn_nets_logo_detail_secondary_medium


Much more depth this year and a good PF, should be higher right? Old with injury problems, something is telling me beware.


4. Images_medium


Rose back, Funleavy helps but depth and possible injury concerns.


5. Images_medium


This team could be a train wreck and they may have to blow it up if Melo leaves


And now it gets hard

6. Cleveland_cavaliers_big_medium


Obviously Bynum is huge and who plays SF? 3 drafts in a row they have made questionable picks...this is not a strong selection here.


7. Detroitpistonsold_medium


Think Jennings is a good pick up for them despite comments I made, they'll be tough on the interior, but will have a tough time scoring


8. 539px-washington_wizards_logo


This team is one injury away, especially up front, from dropping a couple places. Not having enough to offer DeJuan Blair hurt, was torn between the Wiz and Hawks here


9. Images_medium


People lauding Ferry for a great off-season but I'm not buying it. had a good opportunity to reload and I think he should have. Paying Korver 4/26 to be a 8/9 seed is lunacy(thank God they outbid us). Like the Millsap deal but they are weak at the wings.


10. Toronto-raptors-alternate-logo_2008-present_medium


This is another shaky prediction. I really like their starting 5 but their bench is horrible. I think Ujiri should have done Charlie V and Stuckey for Gay, might have had a chance at Wiggins which would be huge for the franchise. This changes if he can still move Rudy or Lowry.


11. Ie7jp1w07mlhzwxqgeffn9c8p_medium


Best I could have hoped for I guess, no clear starter at 1 or 3 and I think the Bucks are done for the Summer. Hopefully JH does a bit of selling at the deadline.


12. E94039khfw4uof26gv12eazjm_medium


They could drop a lot if they unload some players, but they have a lot of vets that will try so I put them basically with us.


13. Images_medium


Al Jefferson? Why? This team will still suck.


14. Images_medium


This team has some young talent but I don't see a team yet. Don't see Vucevic/Harris as being a starting front line in the NBA. I really think they should have gone Noel with their pick but we'll see.


15. Philadelphia_76ers_logo-9984_medium


First thing is that the 76ers made a steal of a trade with NO in acquiring Noel and 2014 1st for Holiday. NO might save the deal being bottom 5 but I'm not sure that happens. Philly and Phoenix fighting for worst record.


I know people will have a difference of opinion but as I said this is a guess. Feel free to give your order down below.

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