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Hey Brewhoop,

Long time lurker on the website, and I've always loved the Bucks despite their favoritism towards mediocrity. Lately things seem to be turning up and I thought I would contribute with an idea to help the Bucks long-term future.

The reality of the salary-cap NBA is that every year there are contenders with money constraints and poor teams willing to accept bad contracts for future assets. It seems that the Bucks and Herb Kohl have finally accepted that building talent through the draft and a long term strategy is the way to go about things for a small market team. OKC is a franchise that has done this with great success but no team is without their share of mistakes.

One of the major mistakes that is hindering OKC's championship aspirations is paying Kendrick Perkins 9 million dollars a year. While that in itself is not a problem, Perkins is posting a dismal 5.6 PER, good for 323rd out of 329 qualifying players. According to the lineup of Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka outscores opponents 116.9 to 105.0 points per 100 possessions. When Perkins joins them on the floor, their efficiency drops to 100.3 for and 106.8 against. That's an enormous hit.

Perkins' contract has long been viewed as an "untradeable" asset but OKC has several young pieces on the team that could sweeten the deal. Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, and Reggie Jackson (personal favorite) are all young, high potential assets still on their rookie deals.

So my trade proposal is to deal OJ Mayo and Ekpe Udoh to OKC and return Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha, and Reggie Jackson. I think OKC would also have to throw in one of the their 2 2014 first round picks. They own Dallas' 1st rounder that is top 20 protected in addition to their own.

OJ gives them a veteran scorer on the 2nd team and Ekpe gives them an upgrade over Perkins as well as financial flexibility due to his contract expiring. OKC might be tentative to let one of their best defenders go in Thabo, but I don't think he really fits in the team's plan.

The money works out in the trade machine and Perry Jones III/Jeremy Lamb are interchangeable with Reggie Jackson. However, since we already have a front-court logjam (despite this I am really, really ok with drafting Embiid) and OKC will have to make a decision on whether or not to pay Jackson, I thought that would work out better. In addition, this allows us to find our potential PG of the future by letting Brandon Knight and Reggie Jackson battle it out for a long- term extension. (Hell maybe even Nate Wolters will be the man)

Then again, if OKC gets rid of Perkins, they'll probably put more effort into keeping Jackson. Either way, the whole point is to get a young asset while taking on salary that won't really hinder our team.

So in review:

Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins, Reggie Jackson/Perry Jones/Jeremy Lamb (pick 1), OKC 2014 1st Rounder for OJ Mayo and Ekpe Udoh

Here's the trade machine link:

So let me know your thoughts on the proposal, my writing, constructive criticism etc...


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