Trade Outlook

This is my first fanpost so forgive me if the layout is weird or if something doesn't make sense.

With the trade deadline about a month away, I thought I'd look and see what deals are out there for the Bucks to make. The Bucks could look to trade pretty much anyone on the roster but I kept this list down to Butler, Udoh, Ridnour, and Neal because they are likely the easiest to trade and the Bucks won't expect much in return for them.

For these four I looked at teams that are potential playoff teams or contenders that could use some depth. There were some teams that I found that might be interested in one of these four but I was not able to find any realistic deals for them. I wasn't able to find many deals that would give the Bucks an open roster spot, which would be ideal.

Here's a breakdown of the teams that might be interested in some of these four and have realistic options for a deal:

Caron Butler: Memphis

Ekpe Udoh: Indiana, Minnesota, Sacramento, Toronto, and Washington.

Luke Ridnour: Memphis, Sacramento, and Washington.

Gary Neal: Memphis, Minnesota, Toronto, and Washington.

I'll start with Memphis. After trading Jerryd Bayless Memphis is in need of a backup PG. They could also use some depth at SF with Pondexter out for the year and 3pt shooting.

Some potential deals I found with them are:

Butler for Tayshaun Prince+Toronto's 2016 2nd rounder+Boston's 2016 2nd rounder

While going from Prince to Butler isn't exactly an upgrade, they might be interested in this deal to get out of Prince's contract. His contract runs through next year at $7 million a year. They may not be interested in giving up those picks just to get rid of Prince's contract though, because those could be their only picks until 2018.

Butler or Udoh +Ridnour for Prince+Ed Davis or Kosta Koufos

The Bucks would likely have to add something else in the form of picks for Davis or Koufos but this was one of the only semi-realistic deals I saw for them to get Ridnour.

Now onto Indiana. They could be looking to get rid of Mahinmi's contract so they have more wiggle room to possibly re-sign Stephenson this summer.

Here's the deal:

Udoh for Mahinmi+picks

Indiana can't trade their first rounder until 2016 so it might not be worth it for the Bucks to take on Mahinmi's contract, which has 2 more years at $4 million a year left on it, for a 2016 first or some late second rounders.

Onto Minnesota. Minnesota could use a backup center and possibly some scoring off the bench.

Here are the deals:

Udoh+Neal for Shved+Cunningham

Udoh or Neal for Shved

Minnesota has a 2014 2nd rounder from GS and NO plus a 2015 2nd rounder from Denver. Not sure if picks would need to be added to any of those deals but Shved isn't exactly playing well, so the Bucks might be able to get a 2nd rounder out of the deal.

Next is Sacramento. I don't think anyone knows what Sacramento's plan is but they've been rumored to be interested in Andre Miller, so they might be interested in Ridnour if they are looking for a veteran PG. Maybe even a backup center.

Possible deals:

Ridnour or Udoh for Jimmer+Outlaw

Ridnour+Neal for Jimmer+Outlaw

Udoh+Neal for Jimmer+Outlaw

These deals are kind of meh for me and probably isn't appealing enough for either team to do it but I could be wrong.

Now onto Toronto. With Toronto likely being a playoff team now, they could be looking for some shooting off the bench and maybe a backup center.

Potential deals:

Neal+Udoh for Salmons or Fields + picks

The Bucks would likely get the Kings 2014 2nd rounder plus another pick if they took back Fields. Salmons is essentially an expiring contract this year because only about $1 million of his salary is guaranteed next year, so they could get OKC's 2014 2nd rounder back it they got Salmons maybe.

Lastly we have Washington. Washington is looking to make the playoffs and they could really use a backup PG and maybe even some guard depth and center depth. I don't really have a concrete trade idea here but there are a bunch of combinations that could work.

Ridnour, Neal, and/or Udoh could be traded for a combo of Seraphin, Maynor, Vesely, Temple, and/or 2nd rounders.

I think a deal of Ridnour for one of those players and a 2nd rounder would be best from the Bucks side and I think Washington would consider that.

From everything I've looked at the Bucks could have some options with trading these vets but it doesn't look like they'll have very many options for an open roster spot unless they decide to include one of the young guys, which hopefully they don't. I'll be interested to see what other trades you guys can come up with and thanks for reading.

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