Mid Season Report Card

Knight - B

Needs to have less turnovers and get his assists up, but has shown he can score and drive to the basket pretty well

Ridnour - C

Pretty much the embodiment of average. Very tradeable piece at this point.

Wolters - C+

Making good use of his scarce minutes. Very good ball handler and good distributor. Needs to work on his outside shooting more to spread the floor and draw defenders a little more to get others open.

Mayo - D-

Not sure if it has been sickness, laziness, or something else, but he has been plain terrible the last handful of games. No one would guess he was a 3rd pick at one point. He needs to get a lot of help to turn things around, but as it stand looking like a very very bad signing for a lot of money over the next few years. More of a wait and see, but look to trade this summer if things don't turn around.

Antetokounmpo - B

Pretty much one of the few reasons people still show up to games. Still needs to work on a lot of things, but has shown he can get to the basket and shoot the ball. Very energetic player who can also find other players and get good assists.

Gary Neal - D

Even though he hasn't played very many of the last 20 games, so I would almost give him a pass. However, in the games he has played he hasn't been very impressive. Trade him now while people can't remember how poorly he has played earlier in the season.

Middleton - B+

Probably the most consistent player on the whole team. He has been shooting the ball well and helps out with a few assists and rebounds here and there.

Ilyasova - C

I know he can be good, but just hasn't played well on a consistent basis to make me think he is worth his contract. Still one of the better jump shooters on the team, but needs to hesitate less and be a more confident shooter. Like him on defense and getting the rebounds, but needs to get back to form.

Butler - B-

Has been playing better since getting more minutes again. He has shown he is one of the better shooters on the team. Very nice veteran presence and native of the area to help keep people at least a little happy. Needs to work on the 3 point shot a little more, but happy to have him in the game when not taking too many minutes away from Giannis.

Henson - A

Henson has been the best player on the team easily. He can score, rebound, assist, and of course get a block in almost every game. Free throws need to be worked on a lot, but I won't dock him just for that.

Sanders - B

Sanders has been playing very well when he actually plays in a game. Needs to also work on free throws, but I will credit that a bit to having the brace on his hand for a while and getting used to his shot again without it. Very good defender and has shown he can score, but a few more aggressive dunks and some moves would help. Maybe train with Hibbert? Hey, I can dream.

Udoh - D-

Oy Vey! Don't get me wrong, this guy is great in interviews and love his personality. However, he just seems lost on the court or moving in slow motion and can't get to the basket for a dunk or rebound. I am ready to move on and admit we've been had on the Bogut trade. Although the extra 12 Million in cap from Bogut leaving is very nice.

Raduljica - B

I am at a loss for words for Miroslav. He just came out of nowhere and started playing really well and even got on the Rookie ladder's top 10. Still needs to learn a few things, but this guy is BIG. He has been making his shots and even his free throws. A few more rebounds would be nice, but very nice surprise to have on the team.

Pachulia - MIA

Played pretty well earlier in the season, although even then he was nursing an injury. Not really sure how well he can play at full health, but give him as much time as he needs. I would rather have him out an extra month to come back at 100%.

Delfino - MIA

Somewhere relaxing in the very warm land of Argentina sippin on some Bacardi Rum and laughing at our misfortune. I seriously doubt he is even in the United States. Be nice if he can play next year at full health, but I don't expect him to be a role player. Pretty much a wasted signing in my opinion.

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