The Full Rebuild-Milwaukee Bucks Edition 2014-2015

John Hammond stated yesterday the Bucks are doing an extended rebuild which is good news to a lot of Bucks fans. There are some that would like to see a quick rebuild, I prefer to go the slow route for a few reasons.

1. We tried a quick rebuild after FTD, look where that got us.

2. Cleveland and New Orleans tried the same this this year, how did that go?

3. If you do a full rebuild and miss out on a prospect one year, you still have a chance the next. Yes you can end up with a Sacramento Kings scenario but in today's NBA landscape I think this is the only way for the rebuild to succeed.

Ok what's next

Goal-Have a team than will win 50+ games and contend for a title in 2017-2018

Play out the rest of the season giving the identified core youth priority with PT. Try to build some sort of indentity with the players that you plan on going forward with.

And wait for the ping Pong Balls...............



Identify your core(group of players that you feel can/will have a role in the team's achieving their stated goal)

For argument's sake I'll use my core, I haven't included positions as I feel that's irrelevant at this time:

  1. Knight
  2. Wolters
  3. Antetokuonmpo
  4. Middleton
  5. Henson
  6. Sanders
That leaves:
  1. Mayo
  2. Pachulia
  3. Raduljica
  4. Delfino
  5. Ilyasova

All of the 5 non-core can be shopped but as their contracts run out prior to the date of the specified goal, it's not urgent.

The Draft:

Hard to say now who we'll take, even if we do get the first overall pick.

My choice at the moment:

(it must be the uni)



Use our three seconds and go from there. It would be nice if we could also get a D-League franchise to send our 2nds there to develop as I can't see them getting tons of burn as 13th, 14th and 15th guys.

Play out the summer looking for deals then it's off to Training Camp, ready to evaluate our position after the season.

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