Re-Assessment of Brandon Knight's Place Among NBA PGs

I am not a huge Brandon Knight fan. I wasn't excited when we got him, although was glad to get rid of Jennings and open to giving Knight a shot. I was very disappointed when he struggled early, and unsold when his play picked up.

However, with some examination of the stats, I am starting to re-evaluate where Knight stands among NBA point guards (which is the position I think he has to play if he is going to start, due to size and shooting limitations).

The top PGs to me are obvious, in no certain order: Paul, Lillard, Parker. Then you have the second tier, with Dragic, Bledsoe, Curry, Westbrook. Those seven would constitute the elite PGs in the NBA for me (or maybe just the top 3 depending on your definition of elite).

After those guys, you have to start looking at areas of each guy's game to distinguish differences, bc it gets muddy. Knight is actually a solid scorer, although his FG%, FT%, and 3PT% are all low for high-scoring PGs. He gets a terribly low # of assists for a PG, but that number has been increasing as the season has progressed, and could partially be due to the fact that no one on the Bucks can score the basketball. He is only an average rebounder among starting PGs, and is average in terms of turnovers. I would also say he is an average defender, but with the tools to improve.

However, despite the apparent lack of skill that these stats suggest, Knight isn't terrible at anything really. As far as age 22 and under PGs go, there is probably only one guy in the league that I would take over him (MCW). The draft has three guys who could potentially be better, but none is slam dunk. And to be honest, if I was building a team, the only guys outside of my top 7 that I would take over Knight would be Rose, Wall, MCW, Rondo, Holiday and Irving, along with Smart.

That makes Knight the #15 PG in the league to me...exactly in the middle...and only one of the 14 are younger than Knight (Smart) and only one other has less experience (MCW).

If we have the #15 guy in the league, and he is still learning the position, still developing his PG game, and is only 22, I am willing to give him another year to prove his worth, and not make an effort to get a new starting PG this offseason. Count me into the Knight bandwagon for one more season. He hasn't sold me on anything except youth and development, but with where that puts him in today's league, that is enough for me.

(also, this is my first article, so if its terrible, just let me down nicely)

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