I've been thinking about the PF that I want on this team if we draft the guy who last year looked like the consensus #1 pick, and is starting to look like it again, Andrew Wiggins.

Due to our poor 3pt shooting at PG and SF, and the huge importance of the floor spacing that the 3pt shot provides for an offense, I would want a guy who can stretch the floor at PF. He doesn't have to actually shoot a lot of 3s, he just has to be able to, so the defense can't totally sag off of him. Ersan could fit that very well.

I also want a guy who can put the ball in the basket for a good number of points a game. With Larry and Giannis, who may never be more than 10ppg scorers, albiet efficiently, I would like to have an offensive option down low, although his game doesn't have to be mostly in the post; he just has to be able to score a lot. Ersan doesn't fit that very well, but Henson does.

But, I don't want a guy who is useless on defense. I would love to have a lockdown defender, capable of guarding both the Zbo/West type PFs and the Lebron/Melo type. If we can't get a stud defender, at least an average defender is fine, as we have Sanders and Giannis flanking him, and I believe both have DPOY potential. Currently we have no one who fits this.

Enter Josh Smith. He is obviously struggling this season, but that is bc he is playing out of position as a floor stretching SF, who plays directly into his weaknesses. Smith, when motivated and playing the proper position, brings intense, fantastic defense, solid rebounding, and an all-around offensive game, capable of scoring a good number of points in semi-efficient fashion (again, stressing the If Used Correctly). With a defensive center next to him and other guys to be the outside shooters, I think Smith could flourish as a #2 or #3 offensive option (behind Wiggins & Knight) and defensive stud.

I would be interested in trading Henson + Mayo/Ersan for Smith and installing him back with Larry Drew as our starting PF, no questions asked. The East is wide open for the taking (excepting Pacers and probably Heat next year), and I think this team would have the talent to immediately be a contender for the #3 seed and scare everyone with continued development from Wiggins, Giannis, Knight, and Sanders. I'm drooling imagining the defense...

PG: Knight, Wolters

SG: Wiggins, Sessions

SG: Giannis, Middleton

PF: Josh Smith, Ersan

C: Sanders, Raduljica

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