2014 NBA Draft Discussion Post

I wanted to throw a post together that is simply about Bucks fans discussing the upcoming NBA draft, and all the potential candidates. I feel a post like this is worthwhile, as the other draft post is simply a mock draft of sorts.

I want to start this off by talking about the 2014 draft class as a whole. The class is littered with talent, not since 2008 have we had a draft that has so much potential. From two way players, to one way players, this draft goes almost 20 deep, and aside from the common names, there are also players such as Jusuf Nurkic, Elfrid Payton, C.J. Wilcox and Jahii Carson to name a few, that have the potential to shock some people after they are drafted, and prove their worth in the NBA.

I talked about tiers of players, two way and one way, and for a team like the Bucks, I believe it is obvious, we need a player who can impact the game on both sides of the court. I do believe Giannis can develop into that, but if I had to gamble on which side of Giannis game isn't going to pan out, I am going with the offense.

I personally classify Exum and Wiggins as the only two way players in the 2014 draft. I like Embiid as a potential two way player, but his health is a huge red flag, do we really want the next Oden, Bogut, Ziggy? I know I do not want to deal with that.

After Exum and Wiggins, there is a girth of one way talent in the draft. Randle, Parker, Smart, Gordon, Vonleh, Ennis, Harris, McDermott, and the list goes on and on all have a chance to become elite players on one side of the ball.

Which bags me to question, if we do not get Exum or Wiggins, and lets assume Embiid is gone as well (as I feel he would be the obvious choice), "Which One-Way player would you want, and why?"

Would you focus on the defensive or offensive side of the ball?

I think this will be a fun pass time discussion as we all await the NBA draft Lottery in late May.

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