This is So Bucks

So the Bucks lost again yesterday, which you know, whatever. There have been so many losses that they don’t even faze me anymore. At this point it’s just a countdown to the draft and hopefully we’ll see a few special moments from Giannis or John Henson.

When you’re running out a starting five of Khris Middleton, Nate Wolters, Brandon Knight, John Henson and Zaza Pachulia, you can’t really expect anything at all. So it isn’t really even frustration when plays like the following happen, but just a sigh and emotionless "heh." Like, there isn’t much to even say about this play, other than that it’s so Bucks.

Here we have Knight coming off a dribble handoff from Henson and hitting a three, which is nice to see. But then comes the problem. The Bobcats inbound the ball and rather casually make their way up court. After a few seconds, Kemba Walker spots Gerald HENDERSON all by himself on the wing. HENDERSON calmly receives the pass and buries a triple himself.

Giving up a three-pointer in this situation isn’t the main issue; it’s the way the Bucks gave up the three-pointer. Why is Gerald HENDERSON so wide open? It would be understandable if Knight had missed the three and the Bobcats pushed the ball in transition and in the rush to get back and defend the paint HENDERSON was forgotten on the wing. However, this was after a MADE basket and the Bobcats didn’t even push the ball that quickly. It was over eight seconds after Knight’s shot when in that HENDERSON released his shot, so there was plenty of time for the Bucks to get back and find their respective man on defense.

This has nothing to do with talent or ability or scheme or coaching or anything except paying attention. This is so Bucks.



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