Bucks C Targets outside the Lotto

Last positional post as I prepare for my first mock with the proper draft order. Do the Bucks need a Centre not named Joel Embiid? Even if we don't trade Larry Sanders(which I doubt we do)I think we need a longer term solution at back-up. Zaza is a gamer but limited and I'm not sure if Miroslav is a NBA player or not.

Incumbents- Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Miroslav Raduljica, John Henson*

1. Mitch McGary- Michigan





DX Top 100-#29

Strengths-Motor, strength, build, good passer, rebounding, mobile, athletic, pnr game, BBIQ

Weaknesses-Back injury, post game, FT shooting, shooting stroke, a bit undersized

My Take- I am looking for potential starters in this draft, and I really doubt Mitch is one but I wouldn't mind if the Bucks picked him. Could be a solid back-up C for years to come.

CB's Interest Level-6/10

2. Walter Taveras-Gran Canaria





DX Top 100-#34

Strengths-Size, mobility, rebounding, shotblocking, interior defense, upside, runs the floor well

Weaknesses-Maintaining defensive position, inexperience(started BB in 2010), fundamentals, durability, explosiveness

My Take-Absolutely take this guy if he's there at 36, may never play in the NBA but huge upside.

CB's Interest Level-10/10

3. Isaiah Austin-Baylor





DX Top 100-#35

Strengths-Length, shooting range, rebounding, mid-range game, decent handles

Weaknesses-Strength, establishing position, shooting consistency, working out of doubles, eye concerns

My Take-I don't think he's a NBA talent and I wouldn't touch him, his game is made for Europe.

CB's Interest Level-0/10

4. Nikola Jokic-Mega Vizura





DX Top 100-#45

Strengths-Shooting touch, passing ability, footwork, finishing

Weaknesses-Usual Euro centre caveats(speed, athleticism, defensive issues)

My Take-Good guy to take a chance on at #36 or #48, leave him in Europe for a couple of years

CB's Interest Level-8/10

5. Cameron Bairstow-New Mexico





DX Top 100-#94

Strengths-Physicality, energy, mid-range game, post game, footwork, rebounding

Weaknesses-Tweener?, athleticism, guarding quicker players

My Take-One of these guys that's nice to have on your team, just think he needs to go to amore established team where he can carve out a niche. As for the Bucks, I don't think he's worth the draft pick. Solid showing at the Combine might get him drafted.

CB's Interest Level-0/10

Others-Johnny O'Bryant, Moussa Diagne, Jordan Bachynski, Alec Brown


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