Bucks get #2 pick in the Draft, lets talk Draft Day Trade Scenarios/Options

May 20th, 2014 will go down as a major day in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks. It is the day they locked down a top 3 pick in a consensus 3 man draft, landing at #2 overall. Ahead of the Bucks are the Cleveland Cavaliers who will likely decide between Embiid or Wiggins with the top selection. Some interesting debate is being held on the topics posted on the brew hoop main page by the lead writers, so we will leave those discussions to their appropriate locations.

What I would like to discuss and talk about in this post are the endless options the Bucks have in terms of trades on Draft Night. Teams in need of a veteran piece may look to wheel and deal for Ersan, Zaza, Mayo, maybe even Sanders. Teams looking to have a more ready but young prospect will look to deal for Henson or Wolters. While other teams will be looking to trade for a star (sadly, we have none). With that being said, I want to start with two interesting trade scenarios I have been working on since the draft order was decided.

#1 Bucks-Hornets

Bucks trade Henson and Mayo to the Hornets for Biyombo, Haywood, and the 9th pick in the 2014 draft. Bucks do this in short to unload Mayo, but also to get a potential prospect with the 9th pick. Hornets do this because it was evident they lack some depth in the paint, and Neal just was not the scorer off the bench they had hoped for. With Mayo and Henson, they should have the pieces to compete for the #3 or #4 seed so long as Jefferson stays healthy.

#2 Bucks-Kings

Bucks trade Henson and Ersan to the Kings for #8 and Derrick Williams. Kings do this because they already have their go to scorers in Gay and Cousins, which are a nice 1-2 punch, but they lack floor spacing and solid depth at Center. Ersan would be a great fit at PF next to Cousins, and Henson would be a much needed upgrade to the PF/C slot. Bucks do this obviously to get the #8 pick, but they also get to take a flier on underwhelming Derrick Williams. Williams in my eyes needs to be played as a face-up PF, and in that role he did well with the Kings. The thought of drafting Wiggins, and having a lineup of Knight, Wiggins, Giannis, Derrick, and Sanders is a good thought, solid offense-defense lineup.

I hope that both of these trade scenarios spark numerous discussion and trade many other trade scenarios during the next month.

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