CB's Mock Draft Version 1.0

Good news is the Bucks pick 2nd, Detroit getting screwed out of their pick is pretty good too so let's take a stab at seeing where everyone goes. I won't attempt to predict trades although I feel a few will go down.

Note-I found 9-15 and 16-30 very difficult as I find most players at roughly the same level. Kyle Anderson slips to 28 in my draft and I doubt that happens.

1. Cleveland_cavaliers_logo-1024x768_medium


Joel Embiid-Kansas

Cavs need a stopper on D, Embiid gives them that and some offense to boot. This only happens if he gets a clean bill of health though.

2. Milwaukee_bucks_logo11_medium


Andrew Wiggins-Kansas

I become the pioneer of Canadian Bucks fans and even buy an Irish Rainbow Wiggins jersey. If the Cavs go Wiggins the Bucks take Embiid.

3. Philadelphia-76ers_png_medium


Jabari Parker-Duke

Sixers need talent everywhere, Jabari is likely the best player on the board. If Wiggins and Jabari are off this is a tough pick for them

4. Th_medium


Dante Exum-Australia

This works out well for Orlando, they get the PG they need and their roster fits. Still need to get better on D but that will come.

5. Th_medium


Noah Vonleh

Hate this spot , the mainly consensus Top 4 are gone, which way do you turn? Smart might be the best fit but I think the Jazz go upside here.

6. Boston_celtics_medium


Dario Saric-Croatia

Just a hunch, think he would be an Ainge-type pick, could be Randle but can't see the Cs having two shortish, bulky guys on the front-line

7. Th_medium


Julius Randle-Kentucky

Likely the BPA at this point and Lakers have Kobe and nothing. Welcome to LALA Land

8. Th_medium


Aaron Gordon-Arizona

Word is they'll trade the pick but if not, this is the pick, they need defense badly.

9. Th_medium


Marcus Smart-Oklahoma State

Steve Clifford(sigh)the defensive guru is elated with Smart still on the board.

10. Philadelphia(only one logo per team)

James Young-Kentucky

Philly looks solid at 1,2,4 and 5 after this pick, they just need to trade Thad and try to get a 3.

11. Th_medium_medium


Zach LaVine-UCLA

Hunch the Nuggets start tearing it down a little, try to get rid of McGee and Gallo.

12. Orlando

Jusuf Nurkic-Bosnia

A big centre for the Magic for a year or two down the road.

13. 200px-minnesota_timberwolves.svg_medium


Doug McDermott-Creighton

Minnesota needs shooters and Doug is a good one. What poition he will play might be another story.

14. Phoenix-suns-logo_medium


Nik Stauskas-Michigan

Think Nik will be the pick here although Phoenix could be dealing.

15. Hawks-logo_medium


Garry Harris-Michigan State

One guy who probably lost a few places from Fr. to So., partly due to the draft talent and partly due to his production. Combine didn't help him either, he looked like a lock for Top 10 a month or so ago. John jenkins probably isn't with the Hawks much longer and Sweet Lou isn't a long-term answer.

16. Chicago-bulls_medium


Tyler Ennis-Syracuse

Canadian #3 comes off the board, D.J. Augustin isn't as bad as he looked with the Raptors, but not nearly as good as he looked(pre-playoffs)with the Bulls. And then there's that guy who's barely played in 2 years. If Ennis is gone it might be my guy Elfrid.

17. Boston

Jerami Grant-Syracuse

IYes Boeheim said it, these last two picks are nothing. Boston goes big upside here, looks like an Aminu-type unless he gets more offense.

18. Phoenix

Clint Capela-Switzerland

A power forward with a huge amount of upside, would probably play another year(at least)in Europe. Again look for the Suns to be dealing.

19. Chicago Bulls

Rodney Hood-Duke

The Bulls could use some outside shooting and Hood fits the bill. Now whether Thibs likes Rodney's much talked about defensive effort is another story.

20. Th_medium


Cleanthony Early-Witchita State

We the North. John Salmons sucks, has a small guarantee on his contract, and the Raps have no wing scoring beyond DDR and Ross(who really doesn't provide much). Shabazz might be another option but I think Grievis stays.

21. Oklahoma-city-thunder-logo-wallpaper-1024x768_medium


Jordan Adams-UCLA

Not sure that the Thunder is really enamoured with Lamb, Adams gets to compete with Jeremy for the SG of the future.

22. Th_medium


C.J. Wilcox-Washington

If Z-Bo opts in the Grizz get one more kick at the can, they get a shooter to come off the bench, and maybe try to S&T Ed Davis for another piece(remember when we wanted him or Pat Patterson more than Larry)

23. Utah Jazz

Elfrid Payton-Louisiana Lafayette

The Jazz have Trey Burke as their PG but Payton gives them a different look. Alec Burks is about the only guy on that team that can get to the hoop, Payton gives them another. K.J. McDaniels might be another option here.

24. Charlotte Hornets

P.J. Hairston-D-League

Welcome home P.J., we need your 3 point shooting. He's one guy I don't think is going to make it big in the NBA, don't like his game much but then I didn't like Faried either.

25. Th_medium


Adreian Payne-Michigan State

Gives the Rockets a little mjore front-court depth and finally kills those Ersan/Asik rumours. Mcgary could be the pick here as well.

26. Th_medium


Shabazz Napier-Connecticut

This is a no-brainer for the Heat, they need a bench scorer, Norris Cole has great hair but his game doesn't match it. McGary is also an option.

27. Phoenix Suns

K.J. McDaniels-Clemson

Surprising he lasted this long, Phoenix has no trouble picking him. The Suns have a defensive stopper and a team that can really get up and down the floor, still need something up from though.

28. Th_medium


Patric Young-Florida

This is another no-brainer to me. The Clips can score but have difficultieson the other end, if Jordan is in foul troubles they are in big trouble.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder

Kyle Anderson-UCLA

They need another ball-handler, when KD and Westbrook are out there's only Jackson that is comfortable with the ball in his hands.(going to assume Fish retires). They have enough bigs that they can afford to put slo-mo out there for certain match-ups.

30. Th_medium


Bogdan Bogdanovich-Serbia

The European version of John Johnson or Willie Williams gets drafted by the Spurs, I am stunned. With Manu and Parker getting up there he becomes the heir apparent.

31. Milwaukee Bucks-bonus pick

Spencer Dinwidde-Colorado

Spencer can play both guard positions, can run pick-and-roll, plays some D and has good height at 6'6". Perfect pick for the Bucks here.

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