How Does Henson Fit In? (Audio from Hammond)

Remember two years ago when Bucks Director of Scouting Billy McKinney spoke about having UNC's John Henson in for a workout? He talked about how Henson wouldn't be there when the Bucks picked at #14, but you still want to exercise all of your options and see what is available. Then, on draft night, Henson (who many projected as a top ten pick) fell to #14 and came to Milwaukee.

I don't know about you, but I became an instant fan of the kid. He has a fantastic personality and positive attitude when speaking with the media and fans, and despite looking like he weighs about as much as Glen Davis' thigh, showed an impressive ability to rebound, block shots, and pass from the post.

For those fans who attend, watch, or listen to Bucks games regularly, you may have had the same thoughts that I did this season: Why isn't Henson on the floor more? What is his value to our team going forward? I've seen John's name come up in trade idea posts from time to time, and it made me wonder if "Inspector Gadget" (thanks, Ted Davis) is going to be a Buck in the future.

Last week, GM John Hammond joined WSSP 1250 The Big Show to talk about the draft and the current state of the Bucks, and Henson came up in conversation.

Check out the full interview HERE.

A few things that Hammond said about Henson and his development, work ethic, and upside:

1.) "It's all on John Henson. John Henson has to put himself in a position to say, 'You know what? Nothing is more important to me than becoming a good player in the NBA'"

2.) "John has amazing potential, he has amazing upside"

3.) "He can sleepwalk almost to a double-double"

4.) "It is twofold with John: Number one, he is going to need to commit, from a nutritional standpoint, to do all he can to get himself ready to play from a strength standpoint; [number two], develop that mindset that he can be something special in this league."

John Henson on Paper

Henson obviously improved from his rookie season to his sophomore campaign. Take a look at some of his numbers, courtesy of ESPN.

  • Started 23 games, played in 70
  • Doubled his minutes on the floor from 13.1 to 26.5
  • Increased his FG% (48% to 54%), rebounds, assists, and blocks (1.7 this year)
  • Had 11 double-doubles (disappointing; as Hammond said, this kid can easily get 10pt/10reb with the right mindset)

Do you want/foresee John Henson as a key piece going forward? Do you want to trade him? Start him at PF? At C?

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