My Bucks Big Board - Very Non-Standard

This is a big board for the Milwaukee Bucks, based on the incoming players, as I believe they should be worth to the Bucks. I went with 31 guys bc we have pick #31, but I'm too lazy to go to 36, that's simply too many players to research. I don't have graphics, sorry, I don't want to take the time to figure out how to put them in. I also put them in very large, rough tiers, mostly based on where I would consider drafting them.

For you guys that hate it, I will try to not use the words "ceiling" or "floor" at all, but no promises.

You will notice there are 0 international players outside of Dante Exum. There are three reasons for this: 1. I don't trust international players 2. I am afraid that international guys, if drafted by MIL, which is currently seen as a pretty undesirable team due to its poor play/coaching and its small market and its bad location, will choose to stay abroad rather than come over 3. I think the "draft and stash" idea is stupid, for several reasons.

1. Joel Embiid: The most unique player in this draft, when compared to current talent in the NBA. Has the size, athleticism, budding skills, and work ethic to become the Only current 2-way player at C in the league. That's huge.

2. Andrew Wiggins: He certainly lacks crucial offensive skills currently, but with ridiculous size and athleticism, he has time to develop them. With a defensive game that already shows signs of being potentially dominant, and a jump shot that is supposedly fundamentally sound, I think he can become a top player in the league. The lack of production at critical stages in college (NCAA tournament) scares me though.

3. Noah Vonleh: I know, crazy!! But I'm going with a combination of need, potential, and league trend. Vonleh reminds me a lot of Chris Bosh, and I would love to have a young Bosh on a team next to a rim protector. He has fantastic size, which will allow him to defend in the post, but he also has quickness for a big guy, allowing him to move to the wing to defend a stretch 4. Also, he has the frame to put on enough muscle to play center sometimes too, like Bosh does. He's also a strong rebounder. With a good 3pt shot already, and a decent game on both ends of the court, combined with athleticism, fantastic height/length and massive hands, I'm going to have to put him here. Don't kill me.

4. Jabari Parker: I really love defense and his seeming inability to play it is a hugely troubling point to me. Still, it makes me wonder if Coach K was simply not a defensive motivator/coach this season, as Rodney Hood didn't play a speck of it either. Still, elite defenders are self-motivated to play defense, so I don't see Jabari ever being better than decent on defense. His offensive game is touted as being fantastic, but his percentages honestly weren't this season. He put up a really good amount of PPG, but that's not enough for me. I like Bosh over Melo, and I question his fit with Giannis, unless Giannis can become a true Garnett.

5. Marcus Smart: and it gets even crazier!! Smart over Exum, I know. You've probably stopped reading already over my foolishness, but if not, hear me out. He scored well against American competition this year, brings good size and strength, along with athleticism, has fantastic passion (though the fan-shoving incident troubles me), and averaged a high number of points, rebounds, and assists this season, despite not playing as a pure point guard. I have him under Vonleh bc I still like Knight, bc despite Knight's terrible advanced stats, he is young and has the intangibles. However, his effort and potential to be a dominant 2-way point guard puts him near the top and above Dante Exum, who I have questions about.

6. Dante Exum: His lack of left hand and lack of outside shot and lack of play against top competition (esp elite rim protectors) really scare me, and that's a lot of things to be scared of. He has great size and seems to have a feel for the position, but the negatives are really hard for me to overlook. It is working out with Giannis so far, but gambling like that on the #2 pick is too much in my opinion; esp since he seems reluctant to even state that he would be fine with playing in MIL. Still, he is obviously extremely talented so I don't really have him that low...and Smart just seems like the intelligent pick (haha see what I did there).

Tier 2:

7. Doug McDermott: We are firmly out of #2 pick territory, so these guys we would only consider if we traded up (which I would like us to try). This was really hard for me, as this spot is a big drop-off to me. However, I McDermott gets doubted too much. People didn't think he could remain a consistent scorer; he did. People didn't think he would measure well athletically; he did. People don't think his game will translate to the NBA; I think it could. Is he the next Kevin Durant?-No. But I think that he can At Least be Kyle Korver, and has the potential to actually do a lot more. I would love to take a flier on him.

8. P.J. Hairston: and you're done reading...but no, stay with me! I love Hairston's game, as he can come in and quickly become a Danny Green type player right off the bat. He has size, a good 3pt shot, and he has the skills and desire to be an elite defender. He scored well in the D-league, which doesn't mean a lot, but to me, it says that he is at worst a 3D SG, and could expand his offensive game beyond that. If he can, he'll become a top SG in the league; if not, he's still highly valuable. He also fits our team perfectly, sliding beautifully between Giannis and Knight. People prefer Harris and Stauskas, but to me, Hairston combines the best of both.

9. Adreian Paine: He intrigues me the most of the PFs outside of Vonleh. Paine brings both size and the ability to stretch the floor, which automatically makes him a solid player at worst. However, he has character off the charts, and was apparently playing with mono for a lot of the season, which makes his film look even better. If he can get a bit quicker (from getting in better shape) I think he will Really impress. He could also put in time at center, which makes him even more valuable. Possibly will be better than Vonleh.

10. Tyler Ennis: He put up a great freshmanseason at 'Cuse, which a lot of guys don't do. He also measured bigger than I expected. He is a very smart PG with quickness and fantastic fundamentals, who I would trust to run my offense. I could see him being a Tony Parker, though I don't know that he gets that good. As far as skills go though, I like him, esp his pretty good 3pt shot, and he is your classic on-court general. I like Knight, but if he doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind giving Ennis a shot.

11. Aaron Gordon: Its a toss-up between him and Randle, so I'm going with preferred style of play; mine is up-tempo with a small-ball 4, so Gordon wins. I used to love Gordon, but after more research, I am falling off his bandwagon fast. He doesn't have the 3pt shot for a stretch 4, and he doesn't have the size to really defend big PFs in the post, so he really scares me and I'm not sure he will even deserve a starting spot. Upside, he develops a 3pt shot and is a fantastic stretch 4.

12. Julius Randle: Dwag is going to hate me for this, I know it. But I watched Randle get handled by taller and longer PFs too often this season, and given that PFs get even bigger in the NBA (even the stretch 4s), I am worried about his ability to score. He doesn't score to both sides well and needs to push people out of his way bc he can't play over the top. His rebounding is a redeeming quality, but I don't think he will be that successful in the NBA overall.

13. Cleanthony Early: Though his season stats were just decent, he dominated Kentucky and almost pulled a far less talented Wichita State team to a win. He is a good outside shooter, has good size (for a 3), and excellent (and underrated) athleticism. He is also passionate and seems to totally love the game. I love the kid, and I think he's got loads of potential. I wanted to see him play stretch 4, but he measured shorter than I expected, but if Giannis can eventually move to the 4, I think the two can play wonderfully together. His inability to pass is worrisome.

Tier 3:

14/15/16. Gary Harris/Nik Stauskas/Rodney Hood: I can't separate these guys without knowing more about intelligence and work ethic, although all three look good from the outside. Stauskas has shown the best shot, Harris is the best defender, and Hood has the best size. I would be happy getting any, and I could see any/all becoming good 3D players, but I see less chance of them becoming more well-rounded than I do in Hairston.

17. Elfrid Payton: I wanted him to be another Damian Lillard, but the more I analyze him, the less I see it. He can't shoot, he didn't do much at the combine, he turned the ball over a ton, and he is already a Junior. I see some potential there still, but I feel he's more a great backup PG than a guy who turns into a starter. Maybe I am wrong.

18. Kyle Anderson: Such a mystery. I think he is too similar to Giannis (but worse) to put higher on the big board, but he certainly bring some intrigue. If he can really play a point-forward role, and either he or Giannis get big enough to defend PFs, he will present some crazy matchup problems for people in a "3 guard" lineup. However, if we don't have a perfect fit for him, then I think he won't fit at all.

19. Zach Lavine: see Tyler Ennis (and then unsee it bc this is literally the opposite). Lavine did not play pure PG this season and did not post good PG numbers, with less than 2 assists per game. However, he could potentially become Brandon Knight 2.0; a scoring guard with the ability to run the point, great size, and would also include a 3pt shot. If he could become an efficient NBA scorer, he would have a shot, but I think it's too risky to take him ahead of some other guys (esp as he doesn't offer much different than Knight to me).

20. K. J. McDaniels: He's a small SF who can't shoot. Or he's an explosive defender with fantastic size for a SG. I like option #2. I don't know why more people aren't talking about him moving to SG, but maybe it is bc of his complete lack of outside shot. I love 3pt shooting, but even if he doesn't develop it, I think a fantastic defender can always be used, esp as he can play two positions.

21. T. J. Warren: Probably the last guy I even consider trading up for. Similar to McDaniels, Warren seems like a tweener most suited to SF (but could play PF) and has no outside shot. Unlike McDaniels, he isn't known as a terrific defender. However, he is a scoring machine, despite not having an outside shot, which makes him a very interesting player in today's NBA. I'm not sure what to do with him, so I took a page out of ESPN's book putting him behind McDaniels.

Tier 4:

22. Jordan Clarkson: He's a really interesting guy who I wouldn't mind taking a risk on. I would like to see if he can transition to a PG role, as he is a good ball handler. He has been so inconsistent in college that it is hard to judge, but I think he's got some potential. In a competition with Wolters for backup minutes and time to develop, I would like to see what he can do with his handle and fantastic size.

23. Patric Young: Dwag's comparison to Ben Wallace makes me want to put him #1, as I totally loved Big Ben, but I don't really see it. Young failed to really improve over four years of college and has no offensive game; and isn't that elite of a defender. However, I would be intrigued as to what he could do with a change of scenery, as he certainly has a lot of athleticism and passion for the game.

24. Glenn Robinson III: Like Young, I would love to see what Robinson can do with a change of scenery, and a change of position. He's clearly not a PF, as he was used at Michigan, but he has athleticism and plenty of basketball IQ, as well as an obvious willingness to attempt to develop and adapt his game. But, he hasn't shown that he is very good...

25. Jordan McRae: I've seen a lot of McRae, and I think he has the potential to become a fantastic scorer. Whether he meets that potential is very questionable. He also has fantastic length for the SG position however, measuring as one of the longest guys at the combine (look it up, its crazy).

26/27/28. Spencer Dinwiddie/C.J. Wilcox/Joe Harris: All three present fantastic 3pt shots and pretty good size for the position. I can see all three being excellent backup SGs off the bench, with slight potential to become more than that.

29. Mitch McGary: Character issues here scare the crap out of me, esp as pairing him with Larry seems like an absolute nightmare waiting to happen. However, there is no denying that he is a good player, and with the right motivation/life coaching, I think he could be a really solid player.

30. Alec Brown: His combination of elite size for a C and amazing jump shot, all the way out to the 3pt line, makes him super intriguing. I would love for us to take him late and really work on his strength and rebounding, and see if we can develop a real gem.

31. Scottie Wilbekin: Over Shabazz? Yes. If we are going to draft a PG to be a backup, I think this should be the guy. Fantastic defender, great outside shooter, and Billy D trusted him with the offense for a long time. I think I want that on my team over Shabazz's also-excellent qualities. If he hadn't been injured against UConn, I think the game may have ended differently.

There is a good chance I missed someone very good. If so, politely point it out please : ) Any other comments would certainly be appreciated. I know a lot of my rankings are totally controversial and probably don't make any sense to some people, but I tried to explain my reasoning as well as I could, but I will be happy to enter a discussion about anyone I mentioned/didn't mention if you ask.

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