Draft Knowledge Simulator!


Let's face it, none of us truly knows who the best players are this year. We have an idea of who the most talented players are at the moment, but the future holds so many variables that are unaffected by the past that the draft can be nothing but an educated gamble. Still, we can all feel like we are NBA offseason experts, today!



Here's how it works, it's really quite simple: First, choose a topic:

  • Best Player Available
  • Trades
  • Sleepers
  • Free Agency
Next, fill out one of these handy forms:

BPA: I think that ________ (player name) is/has ________ (choose one: the most talented, the most NBA ready, the best fit, the most potential, the highest ceiling, good bone structure), therefore if he is on the board at _______ (draft position) and we do not take him, I will _______ (overreactive verb).

Trades: It's clear to me that ________ (Kevin Love, Klay Thompson, Pau Gasol, etc.) is going to be traded to ________(Golden State, Phoenix, L.A., Boston, Real Madrid) because ________ (choose one: his contract is ending, the team is rebuilding, the team needs that extra piece, the owner is a cheap bastard). I even heard _______ (insert unreliable source) talk about it on the internet, so it will definitely be happening.

Sleepers: I can't believe no one is talking about ________ (player that has always been projected in the second round). He's got _________ (first round potential, scrap, basketball IQ, a hilarious name/haircut, good form). I bet if this wasn't such a deep draft, he'd go _______ (much higher than the player would ever be drafted).

Free Agency: Oh man, _________ (Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kyle Lowry, Lance Stephenson) is available! Can you imagine him ________ (scoring buckets, throwing down slammers, whamming jammies, assaulting old ladies) on our team? It's too bad that he's _________ (not ever going to come to Milwaukee, way too expensive, a freaking sociopath) and that the team is __________ (rebuilding, not yet credible, in Milwaukee). We should go after him!

And there you have it, with this little "cheat sheet" you too can profess knowledge on all things NBA. Now get out there and start an argument with a stranger about something you won't care about a few days from now!

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