Coaching, another take

A lot of discussion regarding the draft continues to ignore the fact that new ownership has not assigned a new GM, or coach. Instead, they've opted to roll with the current system, despite a cataclysmic collapse by the staff in place during the last few years.

While a large part of this collapse may be largely due to ownership, I often look to other communities, such as Liberty Ballers, or Loud City and wonder why Brewhoop lacks the patience to build a contender that these communities have?

One of my concerns regarding current management, is that their job security will supersede their optimal work performance:

Some have suggested that Parker is the safe bet for Milwaukee, as his scoring will balance Giannis' defense, and allow for the team to have the scoring it sorely lacked this past season, I say this is a surefire disaster leading to future first round exits. Don't get me wrong, Parker is a fine prospect, but here's another perspective:

Let's hire Ray Allen as coach.

What? Kareem has expressed an interest in coaching/having a training position with the Bucks, and Ray hasn't even expressed his intent to retire. Let's backtrack though, Ray has a history with the Bucks, and Ray Allen contains the "solution" for the future of the Bucks.

  • What is Wiggins' weakness?
  • What is Giannis' weakness?
  • What is Sanders' weakness?
  • What makes Exum such a gamble?

The reason Parker is seen as the "safe option," while Embiid is seen as a steal, and the other 2 lottery picks are greater risks is their offense. Ray has the greatest drive to improve, and work on his offense of any player in the last decade, save maybe Kobe and his constantly evolving game.

Despite what coaches such as Jeff Van Gundy would like for us to believe, defense is not simpler to teach than offense, I wager that players such as Kawhli Leonard, Lamarcus Aldridge, and Paul George have developed their shooting substantially over the past 2 seasons, due to the focus of "shooting coaches."

If the future of the NBA, rests in "stretch 4's" and the top seeded Pacers were threatened by the 5 man shooting spree of Atlanta, Milwaukee contains the formula for one of the most potent offenses, while already having an established and solid defense.

So, my suggestion is the following, even if staffing remains constant, the coaching requires a revolution, while Giannis and Wiggins/Exum are young enough to take advantage of a teachermaster like coach Allen. Yes, he lacks experience, yes he hasn't even expressed his desire to retire, or return to Milwaukee. But history has taught us that player to coach transitions work best when dealing with young teams, as the coaches still understand the mindset of the players.

Thoughts, hate comments, etc. See below.

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