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I thought it would be fun for us to rank what we believe to be the top ten players at each position. I will use a traditional ranking points system where a 1st place vote is ten points and 2nd place is is nine etc. I'll compile it all on the seventeenth. Traditional postions only and for simplicitys sake we will use their primary position as listed by ESPN. Consider money a non factor. Think of it this way if I gave you the option to have any point guard who would you take first? Injuries, Personality can be factored in. Feel free to give opinions or just rankings.

Here are mine to start off

Point Guards

1 Chris Paul

2 Steph Curry

3 John Wall

4 Russell Westbrook

5 Tony Parker

6 Damian Lillard

7 Kyrie Irving

8 Kyle Lowry

9 Mike Conley

10 Ty Lawson

Shooting Guards

1 Klay Thompson

2 Demar Derozan

3 Goran Dragic

4 Bradley Beal

5 James Harden

6 Lance Stephenson

7 Monta Ellis

8 Aaron Affalo

9 Gordon Hayward

10 Wesley Matthews

Small Forwards

1 Lebron James

2 Kevin Durant

3 Paul George

4 Carmelo Anthony

5 Nicholas Batum

6 Chandler Parsons

7 Kawhi Leonard

8 Rudy Gay

9 Nick Young

10 Tyreke Evans

Power Forwards

1 Blake Griffin

2 Anthony Davis

3 Lamarcus Aldridge

4 Kevin Love

5 Serge Ibaka

6 Paul Millsap

7 Dirk Nowitzki

8 Zach Randolph

9 Greg Monroe

10 Tim Duncan


1 Joakim Noah

2 Dwight Howard

3 Demarcus Cousins

4 Chris Bosh

5 Andre Drummond

6 Marc Gasol

7 Deandre Jordan

8 Al Horford

9 Al Jefferson

10 Marcin Gortat

There is my list i look forward to your feedback along with viewing your lists.

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