Find the Bucks a PG

Looking through the roster, one thing is apparent: The Bucks need a point guard! A combo guard would suffice but considering Nate and Brandon are both tall enough and have enough defensive prowess to play the 2 guard, it's not absolutely necessary. Going through the free agent point guard list a lot of adjectives come to mind: Expensive, Old, Uninspiring. So it was evident it was time to think outside the box...really just the NBA.

I set some guidelines for myself to find this diamond in the rough point guard. I don't want him taking any playing time from Nate or Brandon. I want this guy to be the 3rd point guard on our team. One of the many good things about the Jason Kidd hire is that we have a veteran point guard on the team without taking up a roster spot or minutes away from Nate and BK, so we don't need a veteran point guard on the roster. I want this point guard to be young, have NBA size, and be a pass first point guard.

These strict guidelines eliminated a lot of players for me: Bledsoe, Vasquez, Livingston, Bryce Cotton, Jahii Carson, etc.

Searching through D-League players/stats there were quite a few players that were young but too small (6'0 165 pounds), tall but too old, put up points but not assists. Then I stumbled upon The One.




A 6'3 195 pound point guard who is only 22 years old out of the University of Washington and most recently the NBA D-League affiliate Maine Red Claws. Coming out of high school he was ranked 10th on the RSCI (Recruiting Services Consensus Index) and as the 2nd best point guard behind John Wall. He started playing college basketball when he was 17 years old. Gaddy was never main fiddle on the Washington squad playing alongside other guards Tony Wroten, CJ Wilcox, Terrence Ross, and Isaiah Thomas. Gaddy was not drafted. Last year he was 6th in the D-League in Assists Per 48 (8.9) and shot a scorching 42% from 3. Most of his shots were from 3 or in the paint. He shot it really well from underneath the hoop and non-corner 3s. Gaddy gets to the lane easily and has enough quicks to stay in front of his man.


After Chris Babb was called up by the Boston Celtics, Gaddy went on a tear. He posted a triple double and through a stretch of 6 games made 18 of 23 three pointers. Gaddy was on the Charlotte Summer League team last summer and I haven't seen him on any rosters for Summer League teams this year. However, he tweeted "#5days" the other day which coincides with the start date of the Orlando Summer League, July 5th.

Keith Schlosser from the SBNation site Ridiculous Upside (The D-League) wrote an article in April about why Abdul Gaddy should be in the NBA. You can read it here: Ridiculous Upside Abdul Gaddy

I think Abdul Gaddy deserves a serious look from the Milwaukee Bucks as a cheap, young, NBA sized, pass first PG.

For this story I also considered Kendall Williams from New Mexico. Do your part and help the Bucks find a point guard, all suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE: Gaddy will be playing for the New Orleans Pelicans Summer League team in Las Vegas.

New Orleans Pelicans Summer League Roster

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